2001 Grey Cup Ring For Sale

Report: Stamps' Grey Cup ring on EBay
A Grey Cup ring has appeared on EBay. According to the Calgary Sun, the 2001 Calgary Stampeders' championship ring is being displayed on the auction site and appears to belong to ex-linebacker Alondra Johnson.

It's unfortunate someone would try to sell the ring, it's one of those items you can't put a price on.

Obviously I don't know his situation, and perhaps he needs the money for his family or for an emergency, but it's sad to see him attempting to sell it.

I recall he tried to sell it a few years ago as well :frowning:

What happened the horse die tonight wheres all the Calgary people? Getting tired of talking to myself.

Im guessing RedWhite05 is tired of arguing with Rider fans.

Not at all Dust just had somethings to do recently. This is the second time Johnsons ring has been on ebay.

Ring bearer puts Stamp of approvalCalgary Sun

About a year ago, Cochrane resident Bart Farkas purchased what he thought was a priceless piece of Calgary Stampeder history. But now he's not quite as sure.

As reported by the Sun Monday, the 2001 Grey Cup ring of Stamps great Alondra Johnson is being advertised on eBay -- a puzzling development for Farkas, who last year bought the same memento from a Vancouver sports memorabilia dealer.

"It's a real ring, but is it the one given to Alondra or is it a sample -- that's the question," said Farkas, who along with his brother bought the jewelry for US$4,500.

"My ring looks exactly like the one on eBay."

The lifelong Red and White fan believes what he purchased is the authentic article awarded to the legendary linebacker after the Stamps won the 2001 CFL title.

"I e-mailed eBay and said, 'Hey, I also have one of these one-of-a-kind rings' and they haven't e-mailed me back," said Farkas.