2001 east finals

can someone find a video of the game against the tiger cats then we went on to the Grey Cup?

a video of Juran Bolden picking it off and running it for a TD would be the best thats all i can really remember of that game cuz thats what sealed it

Juran Bolden was the best DB the bombers ever had. Evrytime i play madden, I always trade for mike sellers and juran bolden. Both who played on that team i believe. and on 06 you can sign adrian madise who was cut by the bombers and ricky ray is on there. And low and behold on the DB free agents, 69 OVR IKE CHARLTON!! WOOT! I havent noiticed anymore though, but i dont really no any other rosters as well as the bombers. Oh yeah and mike quinn is on there. And Ricky Williams.




1st Quarter:
Montreal TD= Anthony Calvillo > Ben Cahoon - 5yrd.

Score: Winnipeg 0 - Montreal 7

2nd Quarter
Winnipeg TD= Charles Roberts - 34yrd.
Winnipeg TD= Ron Warner FF > Barrin Simpson FR TD - 23yrd.

Score: Winnipeg 14 - Montreal 7

3rd Quarter
Montreal TD= LaMont Brightful 10yrd. INT.
Winnipeg TD= Kevin Glenn > Milt Stegall 57yrd

Score: Winnipeg 21 - Montreal 14

4th Quarter
Montreal TD= Robert Edwards 2yrd.

Score: Winnipeg 21 - Montreal 21

OT 1
Winnipeg FG= Troy Westwood 35yrds.

Score: Winnipeg 24 - Montreal 21 :smiley:

Grey Cup

Winnipeg: 44 Calgary: 22