2000 for Charlie?

May be to early to think about but could this be the year Charlie hits 2000 yards on the ground. He's almost on pace and other then the first Argo game I don't think he's even had a breakout game yet. He can get 100 yards without it even looing like a full days work. I guess if he can stay healthy and the passing game finally keeps defences honest this could be the year. Look at his #'s last year and if I remember the first few games he basically got nothing. He's on a way better pace this year

i think 1800 is possible since he's avg. more than 100 yards a game

I think its to early to think about it but with that being said he has a shot at it like every other year. So far this year hes been getting more touches and has been just as productive as ever. I would love to see him put up 2000 yards!

Im just curious, has any other running-back apart from Mike Pringle ever been able to surpass the 2000 yards mark for a season?

The previous 2 seasons Charlie has said that 2000 was his goal, but each year he started off very slow. So this year starting off like he has, and if he can keep it up it is possible. Like another poster said though I think 1800 is more likely.

And I'm pretty sure only pringle has done it before

how many yards is he at?

404 i think

Charles Roberts is, to put it simply, magic, love watching this guy run with the ball, he just loves running with that pigskin. Super charged dynamo.

...he's a good one for sure...what amazes me most is his durability...Leo Lewis...another great running back who played all of his pro career with the Bombers...was much the same...Both of these guys are two of the most durable and versatile backs ever to play for the BigBlue...sometimes when i watch Charlie dancing through those holes in the line....i get a flash back to the days when Lewis was leaving defenders grasping at air as he headed for the end-zone...The Bombers were and are very lucky to have the quality of these guys in their line-up...I hope Blink reaches the two thousand yd mark...goBigBlue..go Charlie..