200 Prospects sign up for Texas and Florida Tryout camps

Marcel Desjardins was forced to shut down the clubs signup page for the upcoming camps. 200 players signed up to participate. You can't judge the quality from signups but this is good news for the team as many players are interested and aware of the opportunity.

Also mentione the team has not yet decided where they will hold their training camp but they are hopeful to hold it in Ottawa.

Where'd you pick up that little tidbit?

Never mind, just saw it in Le Droit.


I heard that they got so many signed up because they were attracted by the name - "REDBLACKS" !!!

Heard where ? Bath house ?

Lol...Well, at least it doesn't seem to be keeping anyone away...

I thought that TC was going to be at Carleton. I know the Fury will be playing their first half of the season their. Would there be a conflict if both used the field during june?

They say they are currently negotiating something…

Maybe University of Guelph - Kemptville campus will put in an offer. The Riders were there for many years and the Gades were there too.


If I am not Mistaken the RedBlacks and the OSEG made it pretty clear that they wanted to keep training camp right in Ottawa now. That would mean most likely Carlton is the goal with the ties they have and having the Gee Gees as another option with the new stadium

Article on the RojoNegro first ever free agent camps

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/10/22/ottawa-redblacks-get-early-look-at-prospects]http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/10/22/ott ... -prospects[/url]