20 years... This is IT.

Thanks for the great video. I can only hope the boys put it all together and bring the cup home where it belongs.

Great job on the video. Wiping away the tears right now. I’ll have to hold off on watching it again today. Running kind of low on kleenex. ;D

Sad tears? Happy tears? Proud tears? Nervous tears? Some of each?

The scene that got to me was Flutie’s Batman followed by Acklin’s Batman. This young man has a way

with video and story telling . "Hello Mr. Scorsese, my name is … and I’m with the Hamilton Tiger- Cats.

Pat Lynch ( the ancient one )

Holy Mackinaw!!! That’s an outstanding video. Great work. I’ll be watching that over again and again. Hopefully we can add another couple weeks of winning highlights culminating in a Grey Cup victory?

Yeesh!, How come when I was young I never did anything like that!
Oh, thats right,

Ah, the good ol’ days!

LOVED! Acklin’s nod to Flutie Celly, appreciate it !

Oskee Wee Wee!


Should we win this year, there will be MANY videos ! ;D ;D

Fixed it for you! :wink:


Well done Sir !

Won’t lie, at the beginning of the video, seeing the nightmare against Calgary… I had to stop the video and ranted to my husband about how that was BS and we were robbed.I almost had shut that out of my memory. Traumatic.

The rest of the video was good though!

I know how you feel, I’m 26, so I was just 6 in 99. I’m sure I watched it with my parents since they’ve always been huge fans, but I don’t remember it.

This year is ours. So many links to 99, it must be a sign!

Ahaha this is too funny!
I’m not gunna lie I actually debated not putting that clip in, but in the grand scheme of the video. I think it just made sense!

Appreciate the support on the video !