20 years... This is IT.

Given the fact that I am a 21-yr old guy, I often find it hard to see eye to eye with some fans just based on the fact that I don’t remember, (although I did watch '99) watching the TiCats win a Grey Cup in my life time…

I was given the opportunity to be a Social Correspondent for the CFL in Hamilton for the Regular Season and WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!

I often found myself, justly, focused on getting my job done during the game, but starting around Labour Day and onward throughout the back half of the season, I found myself purposefully taking time during the game to enjoy the atmosphere from field level and closely observe this Tiger-Cats team go to work from the best seat in the house.

Take it for what it’s worth as I said I haven’t seen it before, but as for this Season, we have what it takes…

absolutely love this video!!!

who put this together??

That is an absolutely outstanding video compilation, perfect for this month. I’m going to watch it 17 more times – once a day, to start each day.

Hey thanks fellas!

I put it together! I had to do something in the waiting… ;D

Oskee Wee Wee !

I’m not going to lie to ya , I got goosebumps watching that video . For whoever is responsible for putting it together , one word…OUTSTANDING !!! 8)

Appreciate It !

That video has to be shown to the team.
Coach O. won’t show it to them, I’m sure, because he’s featured in it, but that’s, maybe, what will be the most motivating part of the video to today’s TiCats.
Coach Reinebold: Can you take it from here, please.

Great Vid man, thanks for doing this!

Strange things happen.
I just noticed the number of posts, for ticats4242ticats when he started this thread with his fabulous video – 99

He’s got Rookie of the year, here, for sure. And, also my vote for MOP (most outstanding post).

Great work, Gordie! All your YouTube videos are amazing!

Love the fact that the video showed a clip or two with Nickola Kalinic. Hoping #84 has a big game in the EF, maybe pots a couple of TDs. Always looks like he is having fun, just playing the game.

Can’t watch the video just yet, as I’m at work & they block videos from playing here, will watch when I get home.

But I know how you feel. I became a fan in about 1974 & had to wait until 1986 to see the Cats win a GC. That win will always be really special to me.

Check out his other Tiger-Cat videos… This young man will be our future.

hahaha too funny! Thanks for the nomination ;D

Really Appreciate the support… just doing my part!
Love this team, love this league, Sports Administration grad… just saying :wink: ;D

Appreciate it !

Would love to be a part of the team in the future… would be a dream!

Outstanding!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks much for posting, keep them coming!

Are you as cute as Brodie Lawson?

You are clearly very passionate about the Tiger-Cats! Please tell us more about yourself. Many of us who comment on this board are old dudes, but the future success of our franchise (and perhaps the CFL) will depend on more folks like you…

Well… I don’t know about all that…

I do know that I was born in June of '98 and watched the Grey Cup that year and I have been watching, supporting and loving my team! The Hamilton Tiger-Cats. My favourite sports team period… not fav CFL team, not just fav football team, they are MY TEAM!

I played highschool ball in Burlington at MM Robinson High School, captain 3 years out of 5 and MVP my last year. I recently graduated as a Sport Administration Student from Georgian College. But most recently along with being a Social Media Correspondent for the CFL, I played in the CJFL for the Niagara Raiders. So there’s a little bit about me, but I saw YouTube as a great avenue to interact with fans as well as, contribute my two cents for league content!

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