20 years ago today…

A special anniversary of sorts

The lone victory of the 1-17 2003 Season happened

And while it was a truly horrible Season to live through…that one victory is quite special to those of us there that night (14k was the attendance I believe)

I swear…grown men were crying

And things are never as bad as they seem

Long live the memory


first year as a season ticket holder.

what a start, lol.


Sure, let’s relive that game again. Troy Davis scores a touchdown with less than a minute to play and to tie the game, McManus completes a pass to Ibrahim Tounkara (remember him) for the 2-pt. convert. The Riders get the ball back but as they get into scoring position to win the game in the final seconds of regulation time, Tim Cheatwood forces a fumble which was scooped up by Troy Saunders. In overtime, Paul McCallum misses on a 35-yard field goal attempt. The 'Cats get the ball and on second down, Paul Osbaldiston kicks a 38-yard field goal (after missing 3 of 4 field goal attempts in regulation) to give the 'Cats the 27-24 victory.


Fri 9/12/2003 H Saskatchewan Roughriders 27-24 W OT Hamilton, ON Ivor Wynne Stadium 14313 attendance
The worst year in the Little General’s coaching career. Attendance has certainly improved as well as the new stadium . No more sitting on wood . Obviously much more secure ownership with the Caretaker . We’re living the dream and it will only get better . :smiley:


Just as I remember



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The high water mark game of the low water mark season.

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It’s crazy and fun filled fact time again : That dreadful 2003 Cats team had a total of thirteen holdover players on it that also played on the ‘99’ Grey Cup team .

The bakers dozen were as follows…

Tony Akins-wr / Archie Amerson - sb / Danny McManus - qb / Carl Coulter - c / Dave Hack - ot / Rob Hitchcock - db / Chris Shelling - lb / Trevor Shaw - wr / Kyle Walters - db / Joe Montford - de / Warren Muzika - lb / Paul Osbaldiston - k / Jarrett Smith - rb

What does it mean when we reference a 1-17 season as memorable?

That we have had way more bad seasons than good.

BTW - I was at that game. Remember it well. Troy Davis is my all time favourite Ticat RB. I believe he is the all time leading rusher for Hamilton He needs to be on the wall of honour.

I was there too. You would have thought we won the GC after the whistle.

That was the second worst TiCat team in my lifetime…

Morreale was also on the 97 team

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And the best?

For me, there have to be two. For different reasons.
1999 for the GC victory.
2019 for the 15-3 season before the GC implosion.

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The 67 Grey Cup team was the best Cat team ever . :heartbeat: :+1:


Absolutely! The 60’s was a great time to be a TiCat fan.

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It means we are highlighting a wonderful memory for those of us who try to see the positive

Nothing more than that

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“It was 20 years ago today
Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play
They’ve been going in and out of style
But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile…”

My first thoughts on this threads title :smile:

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For me it’s the 67 team but i don’t disagree with 2019.

I answered tht way because they are the best teams (for different reasons) in MY living memory.

Fact Check : The greatest team is the 1957 Hamilton Tiger-Cats. 1965 could be but not necessarily should be included in a conversation about second best.