20 Years ago today :)

If someone from here put this on Youtube Thank you very much anyways just Wanted to show the enviroment of Ivor Wynne Stadium and how why it is considered a Hard place to play thats bring this same Excitment Tonight


Fans seem kind of miserable. Must have been a 7:30 start.

OMG what a game.

Earl 'the Pearl' get 3 TDs.

Glen Kulka, the Adriano Belli
of those days, gets ejected.

We smash the blue team.

Does that ever pump me up for tonight.

Thanks emms for putting it on youtube.

Kulka getting kicked out at the end, Classic! :smiley:

Especially liked Jed Tommy running over his tackler, hope the Ticats are in that kind of mood today!

God Want to start The Game now !!!

I am JACKED!!!

a very good example of why winfield is my second favorite cfl receiver of the last 42 yrs.

I like Printers but there is no way they should have given that #1 to him. That is Winfield`s number. That cats should have retired that number!!!