20 Stayin' Home for P.S. Game #2

Some because they've made the team, some because they won't, and some because they're hurtin':

Receivers: Fantuz, Grant & Murphy
FB's: Fournier & Francisco
OL: Hage, Claytor, Medeiros, B. Johnson & Postuma
DB's: Hinds, Thomas, Collins & C. Johnson
LB's: Carter, Ike Brown & Bullock
DL: Peach, Fortin & Duclervil

The Depth Chart:


Many could/should be hurt/injured,particularly on offensive and defensive lines. Only 51 players on depth chart.

Only 7 players on the offensive line; Winnipeg could easily sack the QBs no less than 4 times; also 7 players on defensive line.


Ti-Cats are also saving a couple of bucks by not sending everyone. Must suck to be a roster hopeful and then be left behind. I was glad they had the first game at home, as I believe the first cuts were later this year, and thus everyone had a chance to get in the game and also be a part of the team.