20 Bucks! 20 Bucks! 20 Bucks!

Yes! Parking in Lot J and the lot across from the school on Melrose Ave is now $20

I guess the price of aprons for the attendants skyrocketed.

(Aren't you glad I didn't mention Maas?)

....just remember the parking price is set by "The City of Hamilton and has nothing to do with the TiCat Org.


Maybe they can use some of that money to open up the washrooms at Scott Park arena during tailgating time.

or plant some bushes to pee in....lol

hmm...the solution is to go for a one hr jog in the sun during the day so that you'll be so dehydrated, your body will be a temporary sponge for fluids and you won't need to go for a long time. Work for that beer in a way.

Saw that...

No way in hell am i paying 20 bucks to park in HAMILTON....

its ten down the street at the gas station/ coin wash (used to be five)
and free if you get there early enough to get the street parking.

$20 for lot J is bloody ridiculous.

They have to make up for the fact the school lot is now closed for construction.

To Park at Commonwealth Stadium last year I beguilingly paid $20.00. Last week in Calgary the price at the stadium was even higher than that and I said not a chance (but not in those words). I drove to a mall which was about a mile away parked there and walked.

Not something I would really recommend as your car could very easily get towed. But mine didn't :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, come park with me for $10 a block away from the stadium at HBS (hamilton builders supply) I'll be wearing my Peyton Manning Jersey, hoping enough of you will park with me this year so i can afford my own cats jersey :slight_smile:

In Calgary you should just park at the Super 8 across the street. Parking was just 5 bucks and you just walked on the overpass right into the stadium parking lot.

thats ridiculous, i can park across the street from the convention center in toronto all day for that price.

That small lot on the closed school property had approx 40 spaces. lost revenue = 40 * $15. = $600.

The 2 presently open lots hold approx 700 cars.
2006 - 700cars * $15. = $10,500.
2007 - 700cars * $20. = $14,000.

Increased revenue through price gouging of fans = $2,900./game

Bob young owns the wrong franchaise!

dont the ticats sell season parking passes in that lot for 135.00 per season?

yes they do. i bought one. looks like i saved myself $65! well $65 more for Molson i guess 8)

Park downtown, party, then take the bus. Do they still have those buses running from Gore Park, or wherever?