#20 Anderson

I tried to post this twice already but it was edited-probably b/c of my negative comments.
This is a watered down version.

IMO Anderson should be cut.
If I can see it, why can't the coaches?

He's been beat for a TD in every game not to mention the penalties he's received.


Enough of these cut this player, cut that player posts already.

If you want players cut, become a CFL coach!

Besides Anderson was not beat for a TD in this past game. It was Pitts on BC's first TD and their second TD was a one yard run. Plus that spearing penalty he got was absolute BS!


are you looking? well are you? huh? Right there. Thats probally the smartest thing ever posted.

Honestly for everyone who reads this thread just take the advice of the person who wrote two above & keep it to yourself. Its just a waste of time, use that time to do something else. I'll even leave a few examples to make it easy for you.

1-go for a walk/drive I dont care
2-update your myspace or facebook
3-have an eggo

Just do something else please.

remarcot, if you can see it, the coaches can see more.

They deal with these players day in and day out... you watch them on TV or at the stadium once a week or so at best.

DBs get beat all the time.

Don't sweat it. It's only game 4.

This kid is just oozing with talent and potential.
Let's not make him feel unwanted here in Hamilton. He's doing a good job for a rookie on the corner. Also, I might ad, Anderson has been our best corner since camp. With constant changes in the defensive backfield, for whatever reason, it'll take some time....but....I can see it coming together.
Oh yeah, hopefully Tay will be back soon too.

yawn squared.