What the heck!

Despite the last two losses, this team is much improved over that last several years, and can be exciting to watch.

A beautiful Friday evening and Thanksgiving weekend, where the heck was everyone?

(scratches head)

Good Question! What happened to the fans? Is it stadium fatigue? Just because they had a couple of bad games is no excuse to leave in droves. Time for the part timers to fess up and show up for the games.

Up north at the cottage or out of town

How about we end the moaning about attendance and be happy with the win. Long weekend to bad losses in a row, it happens here on Southern Ontario. There are many choices for people to spend their money and IWS is unfortunatly neat the bottom of the list

A Monday game would have been better attended (like last year). A lot of people are out of town Friday to Sunday.

Alot of people went away this weekend guys, to close the trailors, visit family and this long weekend!
I was surprised there was that many to be honest

I've noticed too that alot of the city is still ignorant to the Tiger-Cats success and it's still implanted in some people's mind that the Ticats suck and always lose and/or the CFL isn't even close to the game the NFL is apparently, thus not worth watching.

Games on a weekdays are for the birds.
People are tired when they get home from work.
The CFL should play all games on weekends and holiday Mondays.

The Eskimos are never a good draw in Hamilton...let alone when they stink like they do this year.

I was also thinking that the attendance was disappointing considering how good the weather was. An attendance of 20,791 does not look good on us.

I thought that the way the last two games went for us might have been a reason for the lower attendance. And it's also true that the Esks are not the best draw. There may be other reasons for the lower-than-expected attendance.

But attendances like those are, from what I understand, the reason one of our "home" games may be played in Moncton next year.

This is a good reason why the new stadium has to have good highway access. Hamiltonians aren't supporting the team so new fans from neighbouring communities have to be drawn in.

IMO, the Tiger Cats marketing team darn well doesn't want this to happen

I believe that league pressure is the primary reason that
one Ticat home game will be played in Moncton next year.


I wonder when the CFL will finalize this 'home away from home' game.

Soon after that, our season ticket prices will have to be reduced 10%.

Actually it's a good thing in some respects, I think it gives Bob more leverage with the city to say IWS is getting older and poorer as each day passes and without a new stadium, it's lights out here.

Exactly! Many fans do not want to risk the streets of IWS on a Fri. night.

So then Hamilton shouldn’t have a team …

all the talk about sports teams in Hamilton is how “other cities” need to support it … from the NHL talk about people from all over southern ontario will come to fill the arena to a new stadium that needs highway access for the out of towners …

If Hamilton cannot support it’s own team then it’s time to move on no wonder noone can find any private funding …who wants to pay for 10,000 seats that will sit empty

Edmonton has never been a Good Draw
also a less then 500 Record
The Fact they beat us the week before
It a was a long weekend

The Perfect Storm =20,791
Where we lucky to have that it could gave been worse

The Ticats are a private business.

It's Bob's choice whether he wants to keep the team in Hamilton

whether you think "Hamilton" deserves the team or not.

Bob realizes there is a market for his team beyond Hamilton

He wants to draw fans for there as well as from within the City.

no wonder no one can find any private funding .. who wants to pay for 10,000 seats that will sit empty
Ryck, there was no business case to interest commercial developers at the West harbour

There is an excellent business case at the Abedeen site.

Private funding is being put together for it now.


How did your friends enjoy the game on Friday night?

the first reaction was ."wheres the stadium" i was just pulling up to barton and gage and said just around the corner ...before we left i didn't mention stadium size or crowd size in the CFL .. knew it was going to be a shock coming from people who mostly go to gator games that draw about 90,000 people

They liked the game itself and after explaining some of the rule differences they seemed to enjoy it more ..answering things like ... " he was right there he could have plowed right through him and chopped the guy in half why did he just stop ? must have been a polite canadian thing" that was in response to guys pulling up on the no yards rule for kick offs and punts ...

they liked the game and were entertained by it .. most of the comments were about things other than the game itself ..
we traveled by car to the game with no trouble .. but i have a family member that lives fairly close so a parking spot within walking distance was no trouble ...

but one thing one of them did mention and actual words were this is so "bare bones" talking about IWS ..
then it got me thinking i keep reading about how the new place will probably be a bare bones stadium and thought why bother then ... if theres no improvement

oh and we agreed Tim Tebow would be a great QB in the CFL ....