20,242 in Toronto - Is this a Problem?

Just got back from the dome and they did not announce the crowd like previously.
I have read and the low turnout is 20,242?
Do we have a potential problem folks?

Weekday games arent a good draw anywhere. Once people see this team can compete the people will show up.

Nope for a wednesday game against Calgary I think its a good crowd

Yes, we have a problem. Football shouldn't be played on a Wednesday.

If most of the people who attended paid full price for their ticket and they weren't papering the house with freebies, then 20,242 is a decent turnout, especially for a mid-week game and a team from the West.

In fact, given the astonishingly levels of incompetence Argo fans have had to endure these past few seasons under the Rita/Mohns regime, I'd say it's pretty encouraging!

A Rider game would have still sold out (in Sask that is). Doesn't matter the day of the week. TO has been consistently the team with the weakest ticket sales. Preseason they couldn't even break 13,000 on a Sunday game while the same day Sask fans jam 29,000+ into the seats.

see what the bc game is next Friday if it is still the same then it is a problem ,i think you guys should at least get 25,000

but way to go Argo's good to see them win, i saw your coach at the end of the game man does the Argos have energy right know, maybe the lions can learn from the Argos .

No one was comparing anything to the Riders. And Dupsdell, please provide proof TO is "consistently" the team with the weakest sales. I'll save you the time, because you can't find any. Might want to research before shooting your inaccurate mouth off.


no surprise, since there is nothing else to live for in sask

What? Sorry, I was saying hi to the couple who moved in next door from Burnaby. What were you saying?

Ohhhh snap!

This thread is about the Argos vs. Stamps. True CFL fans dont rag on other teams for petty issues, we stick by all the teams because we all need each other.

dontchaknow, we send all our rejects and riff raff and undesirables to sask. Where else would we send them :wink:

Not ragging on them, just stating fact.

for what purpose? Too make them feel bad?

lol, more like the other way around. What's BC's unemployment rate? Somewhere around 7.8% IIRC vs Sasks 4.9%. Afraid you boys are enjoying to much of that BC ganja to find jobs.

If they feel bad then that is the fault of their own fans (or lack of).

Well isn't it funny when Montreal gets 20202 we praise them for having great fans and a great atmosphere.
When Toronto gets the same, it's a different story.
But to be honest, they keep winning, the crowds will increase. People are tired of that joke/garbage they've seen in the passed. Wednesday game probably didn't help.

Considering the past couple of seasons, over 20,000 on a Wednesday night ain't that bad.

Should we start a poll... Are Rider fans the biggest thread hijackers at CFL.ca

Oh absolutely Montreal has great dedicated fans, they also have a very small stadium. Lets face it, these big stadiums are a huge liability to their respective teams. You can have an OK turn out but it looks absolutely dead on TV and that is infectious on gathering more fan support. The Montreal games that were at the Big "O" suffered the same fate and you see that in Vancouver as well. Knock those stadiums down to the 35,000 mark and you would see better turnouts over all.