20,085 - BC lions supporters- what is the solution

Last nights crowd was just over 20,000 or less then the Vancouver Whitecaps game average - the last 2 years the Lions have averaged 28,000 per game - they have lost 8,000 fans it seems or about 30% of their ticket purchasing fans . I would think it is about 1/2 million loss per game or more when including concessions and purchases - in 2 games this season they are down 13,000 fans or already a loss of 800,000 $ plus - over 9 home games out of pocket what $4 million ? -
This is serious for the overall perception and momentum or lack there if of the CFL - what are the real solutions ?
Right now Vancouver cares less about the Lions then they have in a long time

what are you talking about? the entire lower bowl was basically full.

and getting a real owner would be a great thing for the Lions and the rest of the CFL.

Getting rid of Braley is the solution. The guy keeps raising ticket prices every offseason. People are fed up.

Wish it was full the bottom bowl - but there was gaping holes of empty seats - it was about 75%'full - official attendance was 20,085- don't think Braley is now showing less crowd attendance for any reason -

not quite as the lower bowl seats around 27,000+ meaning there were approx 7,000 seats unsold in this section. (not including the other 34,500 seats that are closed off due to low demand)

there is clearly a precipitous drop in attendance the last couple years which is unsettling.

You don't know what you're talking about. Your numbers put the total capacity at over 61,000. After the renovation and installation of larger seats the capacity is now approx. 53,000. Even before the reno it only held 59,000, so the numbers you're using have never existed anywhere but your own mind.

the lower bowl numbers I cited are correct but I did make an error for the remaining seats which is still over 27,000 as full capacity for Canadian football is 54,320 at BC Place.

apologies for the error.

OK - so tangled's total numbers were a little off - but his point is still completely valid. Over 63% of the seats available in that entire stadium were empty last night - and this after the team had won its prior two games.

They expected that by limiting seating to the lower bowl it would spur demand due to a scarcity of supply - but that clearly has not worked so far.

The trend is concerning.

Your math is terrible... 34500 plus 20K is 54500.. Anyways, Braley has lost atleast 10 million dollars in value on this franchise since the TV deal was done.. He is an idiot

The Lions need a fresh start with a new owner.

And I have yet to hear an explanation that makes complete sense, but then again I have never been to Vancouver or BC.

Here are some explanations that I have heard from folks on this forum:

  1. Many fans have to cross only one bridge in the area, and even at that time of day it's a royal pain in the ...
  2. So many fans, especially younger fans, have jumped on the Seahawks bandwagon that they don't care any more.
  3. The timing with the games of the Blue Jays in Seattle this weekend. I had no idea there were many fans of the Blue Jays fans in Vancouver, but are there fans of the Mariners too?
  4. BC Lions' fans are much like sports fans in many markets - they are fair-weather fans anyway.

How much do any and each of these explanations and others weigh in to explain the low attendance last night for otherwise a decent CFL game compared especially to that first one in the double-header?

How do Whitecaps ticket prices compare to Lions tickets in the same section?

You can fit last night's crowd in Rogers Arena for a hockey game. The biggest problem is that the Lions are content on milking the current die hard fans that go to every game instead of trying to grow the game. When I go to a game now, it's mostly a middle age crowd. I don't see a lot of kids, teens and college students. It's no surprise that the crowds have slowly shrunk as the ticket prices have increased every year. I have no problem with raising ticket prices if you fill the stadium. Just look at the Canucks. They have no problems increasing prices because they sell out most of the time. The Lions need to reconnect those young fans and make them future die hards.

Not sure about the Whitecaps ticket prices but 62% of the seats are empty when the Caps claim a sellout at BC Place. :roll: That's a "sellout" all right. Can the MLS survive with these small crowds especially with the terrible TV ratings the Whitecaps and TFC earn? At least the Lions have a multi-million dollar TV contract. Canadians and Americans love to watch CFL. According to a recent survey 10% of Americans follow the CFL very closely or fairly closely. An amazing 22% of American 18-34 yr olds follow the CFL (a much higher number of youths than who follow the NFL in Canada). The Grey Cup is Canada's biggest annual sporting event drawing millions of viewers. The MLS Cup or whatever...not so much.

The Whitecaps single game tickets are comparable to the Lions especially between the sidelines - the whitecaps do sell their end-zone seats for 25 and 35$ which is less then the Lions . I think you would spend the same going to either game. - though the Whitecaps have a much younger crowd and have the event atmosphere that the Lions and some of the CFL doesn't have or yet care to cater too or it seems that way - exceptions Ottawa - Hamilton - Winnipeg - - Sask - great atmoshere - Alouettes used too - all the above CFL cities have a great mixture of ages - with a great deal of 18-35 age group

Not a chance on number 2. British Columbian's are the least American influenced of any Canadian province, but especially Vancouver.

I have lived in Vancouver for over 11 years and in that time I could count the number of Seahawk or Mariner apparel I have seen on people on one hand. I even see and hear anti-American things on an almost daily basis.

So number 2 is complete delusion.

Um, what the hell are you talking about? The Seahawks presence in Vancouver is HUGE, and it is easily the number one factor for the decline. I have trouble believing you live in Vancouver. You go downtown, or anywhere for that matter, and you see at least five times the Seahawks merchandise than Lions, not even close. Vancouver residents may be number 1 as the most influenced by the NFL. I honestly have no idea where you came up with this, you're entirely out to lunch on this.

Not that I'm happy with this of course, they've lost two entire generations of CFL fans in Vancouver. The worst thing that happened was the loss of Bobby Ackles, who had the team's attendance up in the 30,000's. David Braley is an idiot.

Okay, I'm going to do a little non-scientific survey. I have to go to Metrotown, BC's largest mall for some shopping. I'm going to count the number of Seahawks gear vs. Lions gear while I'm there. I'll get back to the forum with the numbers a little later.

Only 20,085? I would have sworn there was more than that in the stadium.

Maybe I'm being influenced by the Toronto No-Names propaganda and seeing a crowd like that figured it must have been at least 50,000 there....