Come on Corporate Hamilton, some one step up and get 20,000 THUNDER STICKS.

A FAN can buy 20,000 towels, lets get LOUD with 20,000 THUNDER STICKS !!


Those things never work. Last time we got 2 packs and of the 4 thundersticks only 2 of the worked.

they arent the most effective noise makers. If you not going to scream or clap then there better than nothing, but for me those would be my last source of noise.

I tend to agree. Sounds like a Japanese baseball game when those things are involved. I like the towels -- whips the crowd into a frenzy and gets them using their lungs!!

ya if your waving a towel you only need one hand so you can still yell, bang on the seat in front of you, use an air horn or possibly all of the above lol

The inventor of that device should be executed for crimes against humanity

An air horn is prohibited. IF you get by security you'll cause a problem for those around you as security blocks everyone's view taking it away from you. Please don't bring it

Stop me .......The towels will block the air horns now purrrrrfect

Although 20,000 (40,000) thundersticks would make a lot of noise, I find the noise that comes out of them very annoying.

The black towel will be awesome.

why they make noise!
isnt that what we want?

I like the Steeltown Pittsburgh terrible towels in our town :rockin:


No Thunder Sticks

No piped in, taped crowd noise on the sound system eg: DEFENCE --- DEFENCE

Let's keep it real and genuine for a change......towels, lots of Ticats fan gear and actual real crowd noise, cheering and chanting

Please never bring up the word THUNDERSTICKS ever again. Possibly the most annoying things in the world. They just end up getting thrown around. SO ANNOYING! Towels on the other hand great idea!

No. Thunder sticks are artificial, obnoxious, and extremely annoying. The towel idea works along with turning the volume down on the PA and letting the crowd speak for itself.

Lol. Tortured first with the invention.

Those thing are for little girls or Argo fans we want it all natural this is steel town not sissy town

Thunder sticks are just stupid...

I have an idea....How 'bout we just scream and yell until our voices are gone?

Are bells allowed ?

Artificial noise makers, not required! Just everyone yelling DEFENCE, DEFENCE all at once is the most effective noise factor to drown out the Offensive signals and audibles. No air horns, megaphones, cow bells, just lungs. DEAD silence when we have the ball, until snapped as others has mentioned, then cheer your butts off. And no Waves, especially if we have the ball!

As to the "Thunder Sticks". The only good thing about them is their shape, which makes it easy for the idiot in front of you who keeps banging them, to put them where you ask him very politely to insert them! :twisted:

If your trying to make noise cow bells and air horns are alot louder then someone yelling, also a bell wont get tired unlike your lungs. Dont take me wrong ill be one of the loudest people screaming and my voice will be my only noise maker, but Id love it if others had bells and horns.