2 Year Window To Win Grey Cup

Food for thought or some heartburn… The window is this season and next season or the Ticats will be the only team in the East not to have won a Grey Cup this decade. Als last GC in 2010 and we know Blue Team’s and RedBlack story… If Winnipeg wins it this year or next then all bases are covered.

Sigh… I remember this board talking about this in 2008 when we still had our streak of winning a Grey Cup in every single decade.

To add to the bad news vibe, the Cats have not won the Grey Cup since the last century! Have been there, of course, but no wins.

Yeah but as long as Winnipeg keeps their streak going then the Cats drought won't be the worst in the league. ;D

Actually it's quite worse, the Cats haven't won a championship since the last millennium.

LOL These comments are hilarious and do reflect a deeper level of perspective…