2 Words... Chris Davis

Why isn't anyone talking about this guy. He's awesome and has tons of heart. Big play maker for sure. We need to sign this guy to a long term deal.

He's not going anywhere. Bellefuelle is a big fan of his.

This guy is vey consistent. Lock him up on a contract extension right now.
I like McDaniel too.

I was impressed with Davis last night. This guy is a dynamic receiver. Good hands and fast. I also liked the fact that he didn`t flash his " signal" after each reception.

he is a good receiver and plays with a ton of emotion and heart. He i love the fact that he defends all of our receivers and is the first one in there if someone takes a late hit on one of our guys.

I have been impressed by Chris davis so far from what I have seen.He seems like the ultimate "Team"player I agree lock him up. :rockin: :cowboy:

This guy will turn into Arland Bruce without the attitude.

Davis is already better than Bruce.He has not bad mouthed the qb or told the coach to go back to where he came from.I think long term everyone will see the import receivers are as good as any just inexperienced in this offence and the cfl.

I have to say that I love this guy but if you ever see him without his helmet and equipment on you would never guess he's a football player....let alone a great one. :slight_smile:

Maybe he should have we let Montreal get us when we where in red zome 3 dame times comming up with nothing. :twisted:

May be true, but you could say that about a lot of the receivers and DBs in this league.

Chris Davis is absouletly stunning to watch! His incredible speed and great hands make him an incredible threat And the great thing is everytime he catches the ball it seems it is for a first down! That Montreal gave up on him and he signed with Hamilton makes him all the better! :rockin:

Connecting to the thread "What's wrong with the CFL" who wouldn't want to see more guys like him playing? Now I don't want a CFL made up of all yanks, but great talent is great talent. :slight_smile: