2 Weeks to FA Deadline

Just over 2 weeks to the deadline, and the list is slowly shrinking. I'm sure there will be more signings to come, but here is my simple look at what I think we should do.

While our team is slowly improving, I think we should acquire the best available FAs that are priced appropriately (ie. stay out of bidding wars), as there really are few positions where we can't make improvements.

Here is where the simple part comes in. Most times players salaries are inflated at FA time based on simple supply and demand economics. If there is only one good player available in a position, and several teams need a player in that position, the price obviously goes up. Alternatively, if there are a number of good players available in a position, and not too many teams looking to fill in that spot, the price tends to be closer to the current market value.

Simplifying this even further, the free agent listing by position indicates that there are generally the most players available in the O-Line, D-Line, and DB positions. Without doing in depth research on what other teams need, and how good each player is (I will leave that to the GMs and Coaches), it makes sense to me that we try and pick up 2 players players from the players available in these positions, based primarily on availability.

My personal preferences would be to get a solid offensive tackle, and a defensive end or defensive tackle, as this is where I feel our team is weakest, but we need to balance our needs with what is available, without breaking the bank.

As far as keeping under the cap goes, well that's up to OB to figure out, and a lot of that may have to do with what is done with Casey Printers.

In the CFL free agency upgrades are critical to improving your team. Let's hope we pick up a couple this year as opposed to picking up other teams cuts after training camp.

2 weeks and counting ...