2 Tix for grey cup for sale

I am season ticket holder at Canad Inns Stadium and sad that the bombers did not make it to the Grey Cup. I wish to sell my 2 tickets to anyone who want to go. My tickets are $600.00 for both, on the 25 yard line three rows up from the field. Section B, Row 3, Seat 5&6. If someone is interested leave me a message on this site and i will get in touch to exchange. The face value is $275.00 each, and there is no more tickets left in my section at that level and the prices are reasonable compared to what i have seen on ebay.

Missmoar. I have a question for you. If you sit 10 rows up , your 2 rows behind the walk way , is that a problem? I know people will walk by but i havent seen standing room for sale so i dont htink it would be. please help me with this. I bought tickets and am a little bit worried. I cant envision this as a problem but aslong as people dont stand right infront of you i dont care.

And One More thing to Missmoar. If you dont sell your tickets on this website , you have great seats so i am sure if you went outside on Saturday adn Sunday someone would buy your tickets for sure. and for more then 600 dollars.

I am also a season ticket holder for the Bombers and want to sell my seats.

I am in Section A row 3 seats 17 and 18 right on the 10 yard line. I am asking $550 for my tickets . Last time the Grey cup was here the ceremony took place right in front of this section and I hear it will again this year.

Call me at (204) 487-4524 if you are interested in purchasing these amazing seats.

Nope i sat there all year, and it is three rows up from the field and they are good seats the only thing bad about them is you can smell the players!!! Oh and the abstructed walkway is about 7 or so rows behind me!!! Check it out on www.canadinns.ca or something to see the seating chart.Still tryna rid my tix!!!!! Section B row 3 seat 5 & 6.