2 Ticat Chat Forums

We need 2 Ticat chat forums.
The first one should be a clean well behaved site with members with moderates and the second one should be no rules with members so we can say whats on your mind and not get blocked or locked out.
Its not fair the Cats can play that bad and its shown across Canada but when we start to comment about the game we get blocked out.

Then start one.

But here, we are Bob's guests and he expects us to behave.

ticatfans.com is still around

....I don't pay Bob almost 2 Grand a Year to be considered a guest.
He's lucky I donate my money to HIS (currently) money losing team.



I know, as a fan of this team there are times you just want to SCREAM. :smiley:

Unfortunately, nobody sitting around me at the game today wanted to scream, yell, talk, clap, move, or do much to indicate that they were there to see the TiCats play. Most of the time, it was so quiet, I swear I could hear the dandruff of the guy in front of me falling onto his jacket.