2 Things boys.

Chris Davis is obviously having a tough time catching balls, not just saying Labour Day i mean all year, and its not his fault all the time. Everyone knows he speed in the open field and what he can do when he has some blocks, so why not try him on Kick Offs? McDaniel is doing good, nothing against him but i think Davis could do some Damage, number 2, how do you think Davis would do at Corner Back, i mean were good in the secondary but if at any chance this year were up by 25 in the forth with 5 minutes left how do you think Davis would do? They always say recievers that dont have good hands, should be DB's

Your Thoughts?

5-4 baby 5-4, Nobody Blows like the Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgos.

Can he throw?

How's his place kicking?

Mcdaniel actually isn't half bad at receiver from what I've seen of him, why doesn't he get a shot there. Maybe switch him there and davis to returns.

Not funny, Im simply thinking of ways to improve the team for the future no need to mock.