2 teams need a starting QB if available who would you choose

two teams select two

Edmonton and Winnipeg will both be looking for a new starter next year. Some of these players QBs are free agents from the NFL, some have their neg rights by another CFL team, Some are possibly going to be released, some are CFL free agents, some are being shopped around, and some want to be traded.

Young, Smith, Unemployed with no money coming in
Vick will most likely be released by the Eagles to avoid having to pay him Millions. If they cut him lose before the Super Bowl they owe him nothing.

The CFL guys everyone pretty much knows there situation.

Did not include Tebow as he most likely has some kind of gaur money coming in next season even if no one signs him.

I dont want to see the likes of vick in cfl.

Reilly my first pick no contest

I pick elliot over brink.

adrian didnt look so good last time he played.

To be honest; I chose Mike Vick and Alex Brink.

Troy Smith and Nichols (health permitting) would be my first choices, although I'd like to see former Packer and UFL'r Brian Brohm get a shot in camp.

If you need a starter there is no substitution for experience. No rookie is going to waltz into the CFL and start effectively for you.

And you can scratch Michael Vick. He's a convicted felon and won't be playing in the CFL.

valid point rpaege. I was thinking long term status.

Is Tony Washington (Argos) not a convicted felon?
And wasn't Pac Man Jones slated to play or the Bombers a couple years back?

Convictions haven't stopped others from playing in the CFL. Takes a bit of wrangling between the team and immigration to get them across the border but it can and has been done - current Conservative gov't may not be the best party in power to support such a move though with their "law and order" mantra.

Shouldn't you have added a "wink" after your comment or are you truly trying to help the Esks and Bombers improve? :wink:

I thought about Brian Brohm and after 2 years of not being in an NFL camp there is a good chance that he will be in contact with the CFL and vice versa but he would come in as a back up at first with a possibility of moving up to starter in a short period of time or take over for an injured starter. Anyone who has played in the UFL in 2011 and 2012 would be most likely be prepared and in shape when they come to a CFL camp The CFL cleaned up signing all the talented players that played in 2011 this year. Not too many talented players came to the UFL this season but Brohm does has the talent
Using the example of Drew Willy coming to the CFL prepared in shape and wanting to play. Colt Brennan not prepared ( knew nothing about the CFL was surprised when he found out that there were 20 yard end zones). Compare him to QBs with a name that came in in the early 2000's thought it would be easy did not realize that the CFL is actually a good football league and QB competition is tough in the CFL

No thanks on Elliott. I don't know why some bomber fans are enamoured with him. He has a good game or two and has been inconsistent to bad the rest of the time he has played. The late season games vs toronto and calgary in winnipeg where he threw multiple picks and reckless attitude with the ball cost the team a chance to win, when a win in either game could have helped the blue get a post season berth. No thanks to more of that. I'd rather start Brink, who brings similar stats but takes better care of the ball and has more mobility with his legs and give him a few more starts, or Justin Goltz for that matter. Reilly and McPherson offer interesting options.

For Edmonton, I would think that they would favour Nichols heading into 2013 after his late season performance. Maybe things are starting to click for him. I would imagine Nichols, maybe Jyles, and one other QB compete for that starting job. Its time to build around a QB who could start for the next 3-5 years or more. Kerry Joseph is not that guy, though he could still prove a valuable mentor as the #3.

Any NFL retreads don't interest me. When was the last time a QB who has had regular playing time (in the case of Tebow, Young, Vick, or perhaps even a Matt Leinert whose career path has continued to decline over the last couple of years) come up to the CFL and played immediately and played well? Smith may be a guy who can come in and have the right attitude to compete, guys like vick and young might feel more entitled about their stature a la Cleo Lemon and not put in the right work to succeed. Chase Clement and Brian Brohm are interesting thoughts since they must be looking for a more stable situation than the UFL if they want to continue to play football and neither likely to get back to the NFL.

Brian Brohm,along with Troy Smith,Rhett Bomar and Jacory Harris is on the Als negotiation list. Should Adrian McPherson sigh with another team,I would not be surprised if one of these QBs is signed by the Als,in the 2012-2013 off-season.


That is exactly it players wanting to play and not feeling entitled to play. For guys like Vick and Young they would certainly need the right attitude. For them, unlike some other QBs, a job in broadcasting, coaching, or with team management most likely is not in their future so they would need to get as much out of their football careers as possible as far as from a financial standpoint. A huge dose of reality hit Vince young this season as he was given a 350K signing bonus with the Bills and was released and no one has shown any interest.
Vick also needs to make sure to keep himself grounded as he was fortunate to get back into the NFL and become a starter but he will be released by the Eagles and will be receiving zero dollars if they release him right after the season their will be no guarenteed money.

I don`t doubt that, Popp has been adept at convincing guys to come to camp.

Jacory Harris has signed with the Esks (although it hasn't been officially announced) according to a Dave Naylor tweet about two weeks ago. I'll try dig it up next time I'm on my computer.

I think that Brian Brohm may fit the bill as a QB in the Montreal system more so than the Kerry Joseph style Running QB. I think as Trestman's system evolved they began to see that McPherson was not the right man for the job although he is talented thats why I like him as a fit in Edmonton as Kavis Reed appears to want to go back to a more traditional CFL offense where the QB rolls out with options to run or pass aQB that can run a bootleg and not stand in the pocket and get pummeled.
The CFL began to go with no FB and a 5 rec set and putting a QB in the pocket and winder why guys are getting pummeled or if there lucky enough to see it coming run for their life instead of rolling the QB that can run and have D lineman chasing him.
Thats why the interest for Quinlan standin at 6'3" passer for Trestman. Quinlan was able to run in the CIS much because he was not only a good QB but the best athlete against most teams. Laval not being one and you saw the outcome. Laval had pro players on their D that were great athletes equivalent to Quinlan.
Holding the neg rights to Troy Smith can be dangled out there for a trade.

I do know that,on the Edmonton site, it was written,by CFLvsNFL, that QB Jacory Harris had been signed by Edmonton. Written roughly 2 weeks ago,but never confirned.

I also know that a player on a team neg.list today may be gome the next day; I do know that a month or so ago Harris was on the Als neg.list; he may have been replaced by another player and signed by Edmonton. Time will tell.


Done for ya -


Edmonton expected to soon announce the signing of former Miami Hurricanes quarterback Jacory Harris. Can he be The Guy?? #cfl #esks

Mind you, it will be interesting to see where/and whom these two do end playing for.

I knew that someone would still vote for Buck pierce to be a starter for next season. Hasn't the man been through enough. Owning a resturant in Winnipeg now and carrying a clipboard for a few more seasons may do wonders for his health an when he is called upon he will not be so beat up.

Were crazy to thnk that guys like Mike Vick would even consider the CFL. The dude has trouble paying the bills with a 100 million dollar contract because of all the animal rights etc (saw a news story on it couldn't find a link) he's not going to come down here to be paid $300 00. So you can take him out of the equation. Next is Tebow and Young who both are under Montreals neg list so only one of them is a possiblity. The Jacksonville Jaguars owner wants Tebow, managment and coaches do not. Young is the biggest possibity but I can't see them going from Calvillo to young. The most likley senario is they groom KQ. If any of these teams (Esks and Bombers) are going to be upgrading the QB position it's going to be from within the CFL . Vick/Tebow/Young will sign up to be a 2nd String in the NFL getting paid 3 million before they sign a $400 000 contract to start in the CFL. Which I am ok with. We are not a farm league.