2' tall Grey Cup Replica please!

I saw this online. It is a 2' tall stanley cup replica and is also apparently the best selling item at the NHL.com online store. Steep price, but I wish the CFL would make one. Probably won't happen as the price point would be extreme. Still, it'd look great in my rec room.

[url=http://shop.nhl.com/sm-executive-promotions-stanley-cup-replica--pi-2628475.html]http://shop.nhl.com/sm-executive-promot ... 28475.html[/url]

they had them for sale at the CFL shop setup at both Grey cups in Montreal and Toronto

[url=http://shopping.canoe.ca/shop/product--catId_1001293__locale_en__productId_7460676.html]http://shopping.canoe.ca/shop/product-- ... 60676.html[/url]

there you go

I have my Lions one from 2006! :smiley: