2 Stupid plays

We had the game, so why get cute in the 3rd with a double hand off Hot-Dog and 4th., a botched snap.
Know wonder Zac sat shaking his head, I wonder what he was thinking.
They played such a good game and to blow it by 2 stupid unprofessional Keystone cops looking mistakes :roll: :oops: .

Filer effed up on the snap - an ongoing issue.
The double-reverse was a mistimed and poorly executed pitch from Banks to Sinkfield (who had nothing but daylight between him and the goal line); a very aggressive play that SHOULD have worked.

Stupid plays and plenty of undisciplined penalties......

The reverse was a good play call, just not executed right. Sinkfield was gone had there been no drop. As far as the bad snap, well Filer is getting a reputation for them. Good work by him on saving a fumble for us this game, but ruined by a incorrectly time snap that was nowhere near the QB.

This game was "blown" by the defence!
[b]They gave up 21 points in the 4th qtr,

Ray had 431 yrds passing!!![/b]

Our Offence put up 33 points for them, it should have been enough.

I think the most bonehead-est play was having Eric Harris cover the Dyin' Hawaiian on his TD catch. Although EH is a great defender he was in over his head on that play. At that point in the game the DH should have been double covered at least. :roll:

BTW the DH was at least 2 strides past the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped on that play but was not called for off-side. Hopefully the CFL is not turning into the WWE when it comes to integrity.

I thought so too Mike but after some of the pics were posted on here. Its clear he was on side.

Edit: I just read this thread and now admit he was "just" on side. My apologies for besmirching the character of CFL refs everywhere.

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At the very least cover him with an actual DB. I think Stewart and Breaux were on that side. Should have assigned Owens to one of them and locked Harris up on one of the lesser receivers.

Watching the replay last night I saw Gainey waving at Harris to take the DH as he was covering someone else "short". Perhaps he made the wrong decision? :o

I saw that too. Stewart called the switch, which is a normal thing to do. But at that point he's better off staying with Owens rather than staying short on Gill, who I don't think caught a pass all game.
I think the even better call, if you're going to blitz, would be to sub Gainey in for Harris (which they often do, but from the replay you can see Gainey wasn't on the field at all for this play) and make sure you don't leave yourself with that kind of 1-on-1 mismatch.

I too, think that 3 plays were the 3 big blows that cost the Cats the game.
I thought the play calling from Austin and Condell was pretty good for the most part, there were a couple of calls that I didn't like but it's just the nature of the game.
The three plays I mention, I don't think they were stupid plays just at lack of focus and intensity on two of them and one coach beating the other on the third.

First it was Sinkfield and his cockiness running towards the endzone and he got caught. This was just a selfish and individual minded play, there is not place for that. It really bugs me to see that kind of attitude and sportsmanship out of any player.

Second, that fumbled reverse. I mentioned on the game thread that it looked like the team was starting to get complacent with the early success they were having. I liked the call, it was aggressive and it was there had it been executed. Once again, not the play calling, just lack of focus and intensity on the part of the primary players in that play.

Third, having Eric Harris on Chad Owens, was what Toronto was trying to do. Watching the play again it appears Stewart signals Harris to pick up the inside guy, which was Chad Owens. Eric Harris is responsible for the inside man coming across. I think the Argos changed what they would normally do on that formation which is to have the player in motion continue across and come in between the two outside receivers, that way he can get a pic on the DB that is covering him. On the touchdown Owens turned it up inside and for that reason it made him Eric Harris' responsibility, and Chad Owens is going to win that race all day. I think Steinauer was just out coached on that play. He had a previously successful defensive call made but the Argos changed it up and the Cats got caught.

Having one coach beat the other is part of the game but individualism and egotistical behavior on the players' part is inexcusable. Each one of those miscues cost the Cats a touchdown. The coaching one can be forgiven but not the players behavior, it was the difference in the game.