2 Sign on with the NFL

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The Tampa Bay Bucs have signed Kelly Campbell of EDM and Jamall Johnson of the Lions to contracts.

And get ready for Cameron Wake in a NFL camp soon.

Jamal Richardson turned an offer from the Vikings down and will return to montreal this year

Every Non BC QB will then be Exhaling with relief

Last year the Denver Broncos had asked permission from the Lions to talk to Wake. Lions granted it and they talked at least twice to my knowledge.

Lions have freed up alot of cash, can they afford to match the NFL minimum?

Good for them, but it's a big blow to the CFL. Kelly Campbell was the most exciting player in the league this year. It's a shame that we lose our best players. I guess it will always be that way. Good luck to him but I'd love to see him back, as contradictory as that sounds.

That would be a mistake. As good as Wake is, you just don't get into a bidding war for a d-lineman. The Argos learned that when they signed Montford for $250 000/year.