2 seats for Saturday's game!

2 grrreat seats in Section 7, centre field, with backs...for price please call Frank at 905-383-0873...

Goodluck you better include a free toaster with those tickets! :smiley:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=search&search_author=frankieanne]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... rankieanne[/url]

Yeah.... does seem kind of repetitive, doesn't it?

Mr. Frankie or Ms. Anne (or whoever)- are these season seats which you've abandoned?

Have you moved out of town?

Do you live in Edmonton and are now afraid to fly due to terror alerts or because you want to take lib balm in your carry-on?

There's got to be a story here.

(For the ancient among you....
"There are 7 million stories in the naked city. This is one of them."

Some people like to "buy high and sell low." I believe that summarizes the way most people play the stock market. (Including me -- probably because I seem to invest in companies that follow the same mantra in their core business.)

might be interested if the team announces it has benched Maas for the game...

Lets all leave this man alone please. I have bought tickets from him once this year and they are great seats. No he's not looking to make a buck there are other reasons he can't go to the games which I believe is nobodies busines or place to say.
He has been a long time season ticket holder and deserves none of these posts.

Oh dear! Greycup'06. I don't think any of the posts here have been meanspirited. We all poke a bit of fun at one another. To come on each and every week to sell tickets with the same message on a threaded board is bound to invite public response. In fact, in keeping with advertising logic, this extra attention has done him good. All the best.

Mark. Nothing wrong with poking fun. I'll be the first to jump in on that but in this case I just felt the need to defend him. No biggie. It's just that he's been a loyal fan for years.