2 reciever's that would help us, where are they?

I was just browsing around and found a couple names that would help at WR that are/were FA'S and am just wondering if we should give them a look if they are still FA's? Some of these names can be starters here and help in my opinion.

WR - Reggie McNeal - thought he played 2 solid years at reciever in T.O, is a pretty big body and is a QB as well, had 606 recieving yards in 2008.

WR - Kerry Johnson - i liked what i saw from Johnson wheb he played here, big body and reliable hands?

mcneal is a fa and has a colored past.. dont think they are looking at him. Just dont see it happening.

Kerry Johnson.. wow, he's mia for sure ever since the bombers cut him last year at about this time.

Dont think we will see either of these guys..

If you are looking for receivers who might be brought in, id check the NCAA undfrafted players list or Guys who might go undrafted this year list. Dont think we see any guys with alot of cfl past brought in.

.....Jason Tomlinson 6' 1"...220 out of Navy.....who they say is the second best receiver ever to play for them is currently working out with the Bombers.....sounds like a good one but probably only one of many invited to try-out by Mack... :wink: Apparently the Bomber try-out camp being run by Mack is by invitation only....It sounds like they're going for proven talent and Mack must have a good line on promising candidates... :thup:

hear of any other guys?

.....only one so far......but i will venture to say a few nice signings won't be far off.... :wink: