2 questions

two quick and easy questions......

1)are the Edmonton Eskies community owned??

2)is the roster 40 players with only 35 dressed or what..........it seemed to have changed at some point and I missed it?

  1. No.

  2. No. 40 players in the roster means 40 players dressed. In fact, all team "own" more than 40 players. The balance waits on the injured reserve or the practice roster. In fact, 40 is not a lot. In the NFL, they have 55 guys on the roster. This is why players on the CFL's practice roster almost all get to play a few games in the season, whereas an NFL team has to be quite decimated by injuries before it calls one guy off his PR. Just look at Tim Gilligan and Shaun Diner in Montreal. Both guys are practice roster bound. But Thursday, Gilligan will play his fourth CFL game this season, and Diner, his second. In the CFL, just one injury can get a practice player in a game.

The Eskimos are indeed a community owned team. They have been since 1948.