2 QB's

Yesterday the 2 QB system IMHO was successful.
Both QB's played well and overall played well enough to win.
Kudo's to Kevin and Quinton for making it work and also to Marcel and Khari.
With the number of injuries on this team on both "O" and "D",the team played with heart and came in with a well prepared game plan.
The players played well enough to beat their opponents but not enough to overcome the poor officiating.
Overall I would give the 2 QB system a :thup:

I like the 2 QB system because it would keep opposing defenses guessing since Glenn and Porter have different attributes. I've been critical of Porter over the last couple of years but what he showed so far this year is a significant improvement. In the Montreal game there was pressure right in his face and he was still able to complete the passes. He seems to have matured but these next few games will determine if he's a keeper.

I like the idea of Porter as the starter and Glenn being the closer. Porter can have a clean slate to begin each game and Glenn seems to be better coming off the bench. He would be hungrier and have something to prove. Lately, Glenn hasn't earned the right assume he'll play the whole game, but I would rather see him close than start.

Not sure if Porter or Glenn is the starter for this team.

However, I do give Porter credit. He took the demotion and made the best of it. He turned the situation around and became most effective as a 2nd or 3rd down short yardage or goalline quarterback. He has remained quiet except to offer his support for Glenn and the team. When questioned after the game yesterday about this new game plan as a means for him to prove himself, he outwardly expressed his support of it but only in terms of it benefiting the team. In other words, he’s been a total team player about it. A professional.

Whatever he may feel inside, he has not shown or said it publicly. For that he should be commended. Especially after listeninng to all the whining and yapping coming from the locker room of that team down the road, it’s refreshing to see a player who genuinely has his team’s best interests at heart.

I think Porter has been learning and improving, and combined with his attitude, he should at least get his shot. I think he’s earned it.

old fan:

Good post.
I have been critical of Porter but I agree with what you say.