2 QB System is the Way To Go!

I will first admit that I am a QP supporter, as the majority of wins this season have come while he was behind centre. I will also admit that Kevin Glenn seems to get the Ticats offence in the endzone far more frequently. QP's 1st half's of late have made me seriously consider if he brings his head to the games.

That being said, at 6-6 with 6 games left, and a home playoff game almost certain at this point, the Cats have to find a way to play all 4 quarters of each game without hindering QP's progress and also using Glenns talents as well. IMO, both should be playing at this point.

How to resolve the situation - Start Glenn! See what he can do for the first 3-4 drives of the game. If he struggles, let QP have a few drives. At halftime, make a call based on who is moving the team better, making better decisions etc. Both bring different elements to the QB position. Its been working in Sask all year. They stay competitive and develop 2 QB's.

Its just my take, but I dont see how a 2 QB system hurts us.


Put Me In Coach, although I don't believe in a 2 QB system,

I think it's time to give Kevin Glenn another start at QB
to see if he can spark our Offence to begin the game.

Quinton has been very tentative in first quarters recently.

I know his O-line let him down a bit last game but lately

he hasn't been able to make 2 or 3 first downs in a row
so that we can, at least, punt into our opponent's end

so they don't get the ball close to midfield
a short drive away from touchdown territory

or few first downs from field goal range.