2 QB rule in 2020

As I understand the new roster rules, teams will only carry 2 QBs on the active roster in 2020. What does every think of this given how many starter have gone down this year? When your starter goes down and the back-up becomes your starter next game, the new active back-up will either come off a PR or be completely new to the team. The back-up will have very limited knowledge or practice time with the team. This reminds me of the CFL years ago, when one of you other players was designated as the emergency QB (The Riders had Glen Suitor in this role).

There was a good reason to go to 3 QBs.

I think this might be a mistake and the CFL may miss out on a number of great players who just need some development time. IIRC, Riley, Nichols, Mitchell, Fajardo, Harris, Davis, Evans, Adams, Cavillo all started or played a while as 3rd strings QBs. There are likely many more as well. I think the CFL is shooting themselves in the foot and could miss many great QBs.

In the end the game and future fans may suffer as a result of this new rule.

Is there anything, we as fans, can or even should do to try to change this for next year?

There needs to be some consideration given to long-term development … maybe a full salaried practice roster spot for a 3rd QB … or a 3rd QB on the 46-man roster but not required on the 44-man roster … expect most teams will still have a 3rd QB on the gameday roster but now someone who also plays another position … the return of theDave Lewis/Bill Van Burkleotypes who could start at one position but play QB as well … likely more backups and ST players these days … might even be a boost to Canadian QBs.

Nah, it’ll be fine. BC and Edmonton currently only carry two QBs on their roster. BC has one QB on the PR and Edmonton has two. If teams really want that third guy on there, they can designate him as another position (eg. A quarterback as a “safety”). Think of it as the inverse to Dakota Prukop where the guy plays on special teams but is a QB.

That is exactly the type of scenario I was suggesting

I think if you switch or hide a qb in another position they are not allowed to practice as a qb therefore pointless to keep on roster other than wildcat formations.
Could sinopoli and marshall just go in and run a full offence. Even though they were college qbs.
Putting on PR roster risks losing a qb to any team.

I know the NFL runs with two, but they also have the money to bring in anybody they want.

The Cfl needs to develop their QBs. Since its been said some teams already dress only 2 qbs and some 3, what is the point of mandating only two if teams have the flexibility. Why not just leave the flexibility. If a team wants to use/waste 5 roster spots on QBs why not.

Terrible decision on so many fronts here

Well there is always a way to get around the mousetrap.
As mentioned a 3rd QB can be listed on the roster at another position.
Could play special teams as several CFL & NFL teams are already doing.
In the Cfl said player culd also be a short yardage QB.
& of course the age old 3rd string QB under another official position as a holder.

On the Flip Side the NFL rule once was that a 3rd string QB would dress. Every game. But if said 3rd QB. Had to be put into game due to watever reason.
The designated #1 or # 2 could not return to game.

If that is indeed the case where a player on the roster under another position & arent allowed to practice as a QB. That needs to be changed. & is just plain Dumb.

Is there some well-thought-out argument for this new rule that fixes some imaginary problem?

This is like arguing for smaller end zones so as to shave turf costs. ???

That change was a positive one made by the NFL years ago, for the prior rule effectively mandated that any given team choose early to mould any given player into a QB over another position.

The change made for more flexibility in scouting and development of these versatile players.

And guess what? When a team is short or especially on trick plays, that same player still can sling it better than all but the top 3 or so NCAA QBs.

Ultimately they either play another position or decide to become QBs, but now this is not a forced choice as a rookie for these former star college QBs and they have a few seasons to decide.

So what’s the real deal here? What “problem” is this new rule fixing? What is wrong with the present status?

Idk why this rule has become a primary point for the Cfl.
But then again. The current Cfl Brass decided to Jam Global players onto rosters. That cant even start on a HS football team. Taking jobs away from deserving Canadians.

That is not true. You cannot say that if Global players were not a designation, there would be more Canadians ona roster.

Anyway, it is my understanding that only 2 quarterbacks can dress for a game. That being the case, this whole discussion would be much ado about nothing.

When was the last time 3 different quarterbacks from the same team took snaps in a single regular season game?

Better yet, when was the last time a team that was forced to use a 3rd quarterback actually won the game? That basically is what the league assumes. That is: if you have to use a 3rd QB in a game, you would have lost anyway.

Note that we are talking about a 3rd quarterback participating in the game. Not, having 3 quarterbacks on the roster. What teams will do is just put the 3rd QB on the 1-Game Injured list. They will be able to practice but not dress for the game. Other options for QB’s are obviously are the Practice Roster and even the 6-Game Injured List though 6-gamers cannot practice with the team.

Personally, I see no point having teams “hiding” quarterbacks on the gameday roster by designating them at a different position. All that accomplishes is handicapping your team by increasing the chances that you have one fewer player available to use during the game.

Did the CFL not mention that next year the Global player roster spots increase by 1. So is this where they are finding the extra roster spot. This way they don’t take away a Cdn or American roster spot.

As for when teams have used 3 Qbs.

This year. Sk vs Ham
Collaros goes down.
Fajardo goes down in the 3rd Quarter. does not return to bench until 4th quarter. Not sure if he could have played.
Harkin comes in and brings the Riders to within a hail mary’s pass in the endzone for the win.

If they didn’t have Harkin, they could have used Marshall, but other than short yardage, hadn’t played qb in a few years.

It seems this may be tied to allowing Canadian QBs to be counted against the Canadian ratio, which I assume allows another International to dress and if they are the starter to count against the required Canadian starters … so a means to encourage development of Canadian QBs while allowing teams, if they want, to instead dress an American 3rd QB against the “increased” American ratio.

I think it is time to bump this thread.

After seeing the results of QB injuries this year this upcoming rule should be re-considered

Makes sense.

This new rule going into next season doesnt seem to be well thought out at all.
First, the NFL rule years back of having a 3rd QB dressed. But if 3rd QB were to enter the game.
The #1 & 2 are not allowed to re enter. As was discussed in this thread.

Second, The CFL QB rules have been kinda strange.
ex. You ccouldnt put two QBs in the game at one time.

Third. Dressing only two QBs a third emergency QB. That is listed at another position. Isnr allowed to practice at QB.
Also does not make much sense.

Finally, the new rule only being allowed to dress 2 QBs affects some of these other rules.
So those rules need to be changed to support the current rule.

That was to avoid unscrupulous coaches from, for example, declaring Brandon Banks or CJ Gable as a QB in order to play another American elsewhere

Is there a link that provides details on this new rule? I have not been able to find specifics on it. My understanding is that it is intended to allow roster flexibility …

Things have changed now. I see ur point and agree with it under the old rules.
But with Canadian QBs now part of the game day roster ratio.
As well as this rule mandating. Only two qbs dressing.
Its time to change those antiquated rules