2 pt conversions beginning in 3rd OT

What do you guys think about adopting the new NCAA OT procedure for the CFL game?

Beginning with the 3rd OT, each team goes on offense for a single play on their opponent's 3 yard line. Sort of like a penalty kick shootout in a soccer game. If the play succeeds you get two points.

It's a player safety issue so the game doesn't drag on forever.

Here's the game where it got showcased: Illinois vs Penn State

I like it. That would be the end of tie games in the CFL forever.

Nope. We get one tie every 2 or 3 years. No big whoop. We don't need to solve all ties. Shootout OT is tacky gimmick enough.


Tell us when the last CFL game ended in a tie

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I'd rather keep the convert requirements consistent with each series in OT. Otherwise it gets more gimmicky than it already is

As another poster mentioned, ties are rare. Getting to OT is not common either. Just let a game end in a tie

…I watched the penn/Illinois states game and that OT was crazy….but I wouldn’t adopt the format if only for the reason that ppl will use that to further denigrate our unique league…

…there’s also no way penn state is a #7 team, or, if they are truly ranked #7 then NCAA football has really tanked lately…that was some underwhelming offensive output there against an unranked Illinois team…

If we're going to change something related to 2 pt converts, I suggest we give teams a choice between scrimmage from the 3 or kicking a 2 point convert attempt from the 45 (or maybe 40?).

My only reasoning for this is simply to put a bit more emphasis on the "foot" (i.e. kicking) aspect of football. Heck, I'd even be OK with only allowing kicked converts (1 point from the 25 or 2 points from the 45).

What about for playoff games/Grey Cup?

Would you guys be in favor of the 2 point conversion/1 play only OT format usage in playoff games or...keep scrimmaging from the 35 yard line as the way it currently is being done?

The way it is now is fine for the playoffs, though I would rather see regular rules used in playoff OT. Minimum one possession but then it's sudden death regardless of the scoring type.

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I'd rather they keep the current format than the new NCAA format. The old format at least allows for some semblance of a drive.

What I'd really prefer for playoff OT is the two 5-minute halves the league used to use.

And if they insist on a "shootout" format, then I'd like to see each mini-game start with either a kickoff or punt. So, instead of Team A scrimmaging from Team B's 35, Team B would kick off from their own 5 or 10. In the next mini-game, Team B would punt from their own 5 or 10. That would bring the kicking/return game back into the format.

It seems ill-advised to me that we cut out one of the most exciting elements of football by excluding returns from OT.

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Actually I have been on football forums since 2004 and many many times in that span I have gone on record that in playoff games - and CERTAINLY in a Grey Cup - that the CFL should use the old 2 ten minute halves of football to break a tie. Shootout OT is nothing but a gimmick. There is no clock management, no special teams (other than a easy FG attempt when you're stopped) and no field position. Shootout OT was PURELY created for TV. Networks don't like broadcasting 4 and 5 hour football games. HOWEVER, they have NO problem broadcasting 4 or 5 hours or more of sudden death hockey twice a year, usually in the first round when 2 teams that no one cares about like MInnesota and Dallas or something play until 2am! But a Grey Cup game? Oh no, more important to get the game done before we put sportscenter on it's overnight repeat than to actually decide the game by playing proper football.

So my answer to you EZ, is absolutely not. Sorry.


What if the mini-game is tied again after two 5 minute periods during the playoffs/Grey Cup?

Another 2 halves. Just like extra innings in baseball.

The more I think about it, I like Capital Dave's idea of kicking off/punting from 5 or 10 yard line where there's a return.

Both teams go on offense the same one time for a chance to score.

Have you found out when the last time a CFL game ended in a tie was? Or are you busy coming up with solutions for problems that don't exist?

I never liked that system.
The problem was that if you started with the ball, you would easily eat up 4 minutes, and if you scored, I would have 1 minutes to score as well. Then if time ran out, you would kick off the second half and I have to start all over

I would only accept 2 5 minute halves if they were actually treated like a quarters...meaning no kickoff after the first 5 minutes

We don[t need to take any ideas from any league down south, it seems to me that they are always trying things we do in the cfl to try to improve their game down there, like passing, which helped the nfl a ton.

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5 minute halves was for regular season. Playoffs was 10 minute halves which the Argos and Ti-Cats played in 85 or 86.

I agree that 5 minute halves was too short. Need 10-minute halves.

I ask again, what's wrong with one tie per year?

It actually adds drama to the standings in a playoff race if one of the teams has a tie.

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…agreed, tie games are a reasonably possible result, it should stay…

That makes sense. TBH, it's been so long since I've seen an overtime played under that system, I don't recall it very well. I just remember that I prefered it to the sudden death NFL style since both teams got the opportunity to run offensive drives, and since all three facets of the game were involved (unlike the current shootout).

But if I had my druthers, I'd just allow ties in the regular season and then do two 10-minute halves (or more if needed) in the playoffs.