2 preseason games- 2 ties

.....Blaczko is a big boy with fairly good hands....I like the pick up considering the state of our national receivers....Didn't hear about Washington getting nic'd but he did show up as best of the new receivers I believe, excluding Thorpe who has come up lame...With all of the talent we brought in it looks like Langford is the only one still around IF Washington can't go... Not great......

...On a side note Andrew Harris came up lame today in practice but O'Shea say's it's nothing serious...Seems he had the same problem getting going last year and I'm sure glad we have Flanders to rely on if we have to...Screws up the ratio if we have to go with Tim but at least it's an option with some juggling.

O'Shea seems tighter with specifics than either Kevin Cheveldayoff or Donald Trumpnikov - Harris is a perennial lamer who manages to squeeze out great performances 6 or 7 times a year - now at 30, he might have seen his best days. The new American hobo WR, they always look great in 45 minutes of practice, don't they? Try sustaining that level for a full game, 18 games, etc.

Might be able to slither away with an opening night W in Regina - assuming both Rooster Codger (Glenn) and London Bridge are able to pick apart an expectedly loose Winnipeg secondary. :cowboy:

.....Donald Trumpnikov :lol: :lol: ...The Green guys were getting all the breaks from the refs. and still couldn't beat a suspect Als team last night...If we don't win next week :roll: :roll: there's gonna be a few eyebrows raised early...I think we'll lay one on them but in this league... :roll: :roll: and the referring ...nothing is a given

No hot-headed Bomber fan is gonna like this but I kinda see the bombers getting their arses thumped next week in Regina. Excuse 1 - the Pomp 'n Circumstance factor - how much p 'n c can you muster up in a place where the main smells are potash and tractor engine fumes; Excuse 2 - the riders were a game ahead of us, this was outing #1 for our guys, Harris was a bit lame and Glenn is still playing like a champ (unlike Week 8 or 9 where he'll be lucky to be holding a clip-board); Excuse 3 - Riders were all hepped up and we came out of the chute slowly (typical); but heck those 10 pts we scored in garbage time that'll help sell football at Old IGF. :cowboy:

If played at the old mosaic I would agree with you. But with the opening of the new stadium and a larger, louder crowd, compound that with how our D hasn't really improved on cutting drives short early so far it could be trouble for us if the game is close. It would be trouble for any team I think.

Our 1st game,their 2nd, New stadium opening,large crowd ect.... It will be tough to eek out a Win. BUT I'm almost salivating at the thought.Oh, the hand wringing and wailing would be sight to behold.Two best case scenarios,we absolutely blow them out or just squeak out a Win with a blown Jones decision in the last seconds. I'd be smiling for weeks. :lol:

....I'm going to go out on a limb here, (from which there's no return)....Bombers will lay a beating on this yokels in the opener....This team has progressed and that bunch in Regina has regressed...No excuses for a loss orrrr tie...We're playing for all the marbles now and (sure we'll have pressure) but this one is a win and would look a lot better if it ends up being a walk..We'll see :wink:

Well, I guess if you're wrong you can do a Kenny Ploen, circa 1965 and just hem 'n haw about next week = = = = = cuz like the sun, next week has a nasty habit of always surfacing! :cowboy:

My prediction - Rat-Riders 33, Bombers w/ NO NUKES 24
Riders will be ahead something like 22 to 24 points before O'Shea inserts his 2nd level of smelling salts - and bombers pick up 10 to 13 pts. in garbage time! (a specialty of the house)

… Oh Lyle of little faith…you can’t be serious…I know we might come out a little rusty, having not played for real yet BUT Corky and his gang are more than rusty…they’re just not very good…We shall see…IF we don’t come back with 2 pts., I will be concerned…There should be no excuses :smiley: