2 preseason games- 2 ties

Judging by the Bombers' preseason, with both games following a very similar script with the same result, the Bombers can't finish a game. Could be a long season for Bomber fans....

How could you possibly think that it is O.K. to post this on the Bombers site????? And your beloved Riders had the Bombers by 14 plus points and couldn't win. So who is it you think can't finish a game??? Maybe get your facts straight before being a troll.

Give him a break.He's from Saskatchewan. It takes them a while to figure these things out.

I wouldn't be too proud of the Bummer's comeback in that game, since it was against our 3rd stringers in the second half, most of which won't be around come cutdown day. Against the Riders 1 & 2 lines, the Bummers got dominated, 19-0 at one point. There's the facts for you.

.....We were just toying with ya.....Real bullets start flying July 1st....Come back and talk to us then :wink:

Big Poppy, you know those mopes are gonna hold your foot to the flame if the bombers stumble badly out of the gate! Don't worry I always get caught in the cross-fire. The riderrat posters hate me cuz I post more hard critiques of the bombers vs. the riders on their fawn site. The bomber rats hate me cuz I'm not a push along lemming!

Funny how I've gone near 2 months on rider fans without detection - guess one can change their cadence and the mopes, even the ones who read each post 25 times can't detect.

Bomber rats will detect faster cuz they comb their site several times a week for originating service providers, etc. Probably won't go more than 7 months before Mugsy and his associates get their computer chips in order. :cowboy:

......Watched the leos lay a pasting on the riders last night...The riders have A LOT of work to do...Glenn was stinking it up early until he found out that he was in a 'sort' of football game...Threw a nice pass down field and smacked his hand into his own players helmet...Left the field shaking his arm and hand and I thought....wow this looks oh so familiar...The rest of their qbs. didn't look that much better AND the leos overall made them look like stooges, which brings me to think...if they can man handle them and we barely pulled off a tie against the riders...what does that say about us vs. the Lions :roll: ....My boy Vandervoort didn't get much playing time last night but he did catch one that went nowhere BUT that's more than Ekakitie has shown us up until now :lol: Cuts up next for us ....We should see who sticks and who goes today as all teams have to be down to the magic number by 10 eastern

.....Drew Willy released in T.O......ouch ....I was never a fan of his and said so frequently before we signed him....I wanted us to sign Burris (who was available at the time) or Zack Collaros....Looking back at all of them Collaros would have been the best bet but even he (looks injury prone) wouldn't have been great....Henry now retired but he had a good couple of years left....Poor Drew was never a CFL qb starter....Maybe someone will pick him up as a back-up...Other than that I think he's done..

Poo Willy isn't even at the level of former bomber flops Sean Salisbury (who somehow managed to cajole an NFL gig after his CFL career crashed)

Bombers haven't had a guy they developed since the halcyon days of Dieter Brock (one of the best arms in football history, period) who's only downfall was an abysmal non-football IQ.

Before that - only Kenny Ploen & Jim Van Pelt - otherwise - just broke-down hobos, free agent pickups (biggest one was Dunigan) and trades for Band-Aid guys like Burgess, Tom Clements, Don Jonas, Chuck Ealey.

Part of bomber problem is most good to great athletes know the poor reputation of Wpg management & board of directors and don't want their reputation soiled by either a. a poor offensive line and/or b. repulsive coaching on so many levels.

Willy has the look of a man who has lunched poorly and has no better prospects for dinner. I suspect he'll try to return to the USA, try to get an assistant AD job or even OC for a hi-school or Tier 2 or 3 college squad. For now, he'll see go into pooper-skooper mode - seeing if there's any more signing bonuses to pick up before his final exit. :cowboy:

......Straining my memory banks Lyle with a few of those former qbs. names...Who would remember Jim Van Pelt except for a few old codgers like us...The guy came in here out of the blue and took Kenny's job...Grant said there was no way he could let the guy go after seeing what he could do on the field...accurate gunslinger and had it all...His career was cut short by 'cheap shot' artist Rollie Miles (eskies.) with a dirty hit out of bounds that separated his shoulder and he was never the same...Good thing we still had Ploen and the rest is history... But you're right,we really haven't developed anyone credible for eons..The Clements trade was a good one ( sure beat the Wally Gabler failure) and Dunigan,Brock and Don Jonas have to be my second favourites, but none of them were our finds per se ... Currently, if Davis works out long term, I guess we could call him one of our finds BUT second string ain't starting, so we'll just have to keep on the hunt for another Jim Van Pelt.

Wally Gabler, Benji Dial, Bill Troupe, TJ Mopes & the immortal John Schneider were the bomber pickups from U.S. college. Gabler mighta been Toronto's find before he hit pavement at old Wpg Stadium, can't remember.

Schneider was ScrapHeap Deluxe - like most of the rubbish post-Bud Grant management and coaching brought in!

Bombers were fortunate to pick up the old codger Cal Murphy or they'd be going back 55 years between Grey Cups (1962). Murphy had an utter disdain for human beings not connected to his football program - but at least he forced the mopes on the board (nearly broke) to spring for Clements, Dunigan, Burgess, Salisbury, etc. Even Cal couldn't find QBs down south.

When Cal finally bankrupted the bomber program he was cast aside and shunned.

Dave Ritchie was a solid football man but he was saddled by Brendan Taman as his personnel guy and psycho named David Asper on his board.

Lyle Bauer was brought in. The only thing this tin man did was force local biz to accept 5 cents on the dollar to forgive their bomber debts. Guy wasn't a football man - yet was kept around far past his best before date.

NOW THIS . . . .

I don't care if a Rider fan posts on this site. However the comments are idiotic. The preseason record in the CFL is a very poor predictor of where a team will end up. Both Ottawa and Calgary went 1-1 last year in the preseason. We've tied two games, so we're essentially undefeated. We played with vanilla offensive and defensive vs the Riders with half our starting offense and about a quarter of our starters on D. If I was them I'd be more concerned with the whupping their team took vs the Leos.

If the preseason told me anything about the Bombers, I think that our offense will be in good shape and I have confidence all three of our QBs should be able to execute. Our defense is behind where I'd like to see it, but it's a work in progress. Leggett's been out pretty much all camp. Loeffler missed a chunk of time. And as far as MLB, I think we're still unsettled, looks like Hurl for now, but I'm not sure that's how it stays all season. Plus two new starters on the Dline. Regardless of how you feel about Richie Hall, I expect this unit may struggle early then get better once Leggett is fully healthy and they've had a few games to play together. How much better is the question.

Pretty much agree 100% with this.I have no worries about the offense but can the D get any pressure on opposing QBS. It was a killer last year.

I have never put any stock in pre-season games or how we played in them, in fact i have found that when we lose in pre-season, we have a better regular season. And that doesn't mean anything either.

As for Saskfan4life I have nothing but sympathy. Imagine having to wear green all the time. :lol:

The Bombers have the best colours in the game.

I agree with a small caveat. If you go 0-2 and get blown out each game it's time to worry. Case in point, the year Tim Burke started his first full year as HC in 2013- 24-6 and 52-0 losses and no compete whatsoever. It wasn't shocking we ended up with only 3 wins on the year.

......First of all......Wally Gabler was picked up in a trade from Toranna, Lyle...we shouldn't have bothered....AND I should have added Khari Jones to the fav. list

.....I agree Wolverine and Dan that preseason tilts are hardly a judgement on how the reg. season is going to play out....It does however point out a very important factor and that is how we recruited in the offseason....I don't think we did enough for the middle line-backing position....but to be fair we'll have to wait till the season get's underway to get a better handle on that...As for my take on Hurl....maybe a leopard can change it's spots...we hope.

....And Dan you're right about the colours....Isn't green the colour of envy?....I think that's what is going on in Regina...I think it got a lot greener, as they look at our line-up this year compared to theirs :wink:

Bombers certainly better than riders but NOT BY MUCH. Big Blue will finish somewhere between 6-12 and 9-9 while forecast in riderville is 4-14 to 7-11

Way too much dependency on Nichols throwing up 300+ yd games w/ 30+ points in order to minimize our defense's activities.

The Junkyard Fog sees something in Hurl that most don't. All I see is a guy (who happens to be Canadian) grading out well but continually getting pushed and shoved out of the way when play goes to his area.

Same group basically in pass coverage = Loffler the only all-star!

D-line is changing - they cut the ripchord on Rupert Botcher, the 6'4", 380 lb. behemoth who was great other than he couldn't move - unless it was buffet time!

Combine that with a .395 career winning coach, a timid defensive coordinator in Rich Hall - and vola - RECIPE FOR DIMINISHED EXPECTATIONS!

I'm wondering why we sign Kenny Stafford and then release him ? I also don't like that Edm. scooped him up before his feet hit the ground. What's going on there ? How many times have we seen this ? Hope this doesn't burn us.

Not often - given the nature of this organization most cast-offs have hit the end of the road.

Drew Willy had a short but nasty after-life after getting PTSD in Wpg.

Best example of a guy we had our mitts on that rolled elsewhere and became Hall of Fame - Geroy Simon.

Jovon Johnson is a brokedown hobo - who at 34/35 stioll possesses massive smarts - and can still back up almost any DB spot. Just doesn’t have the 4.55 speed he once possessed - now around 4.85/4.9. Johnson was Sask’n rider before being bombered, now he’s eastern.

Bombers made a cruel mistake letting Brendan Labatte go - nearly cost a passel of QBs their lives as mgmt. forced to gapfill with underpowered American hobos & undeveloped canucks.

I would have taken one legit Cdn. like Nic Demski over trash & vomit such as Jade Etienne, Addy Richards, Tyson Pencer, the kid who retired early this year, etc.

I think its seting in Faith Ekakitie was a charity pick with our #1. WASTED RESOURCES.
Garbage waste at #8, too. For this year anyways!

Have to say it is a bit weird. Big signing, expected to be a big play target given his past with Nichols. I guess they weren't able to rekindle the old Esk magic. Stafford was pretty much invisible despite getting time in both preseason games. Basically we're back to receiver being a ? again. Sounds like Staffords' replacement was to be Washington after 2 big catches in the Esk preseason game but he may be out with injury now. They like TJ Thorpe but he's spent most of his first month as a Bomber watching from the sidelines and was cut today, possibly to recover and rehab as it seems he may be sticking around. They added ex-Lion pick Brett Blaczko who has a big opportunity here with no none of the Nationals establishing themselves as the top import. They also added a couple more import receivers, one a Lions cut the other a Ticats cut. So in addition to MLB we have another ? at receiver. I suspect Adams, Dressler, and Denmark will see a lot of balls, as long as they stay healthy.

Speaking of receivers, looks like Kohlert stuck with the Stamps. Good for him.