2 point converts?

Ok, this is a question for both NFL fans and CFL fans, more for the CFL though since the 2 point convert has a better rate of sucess in that league.

Your down by 20 or alot of points, the game looks like it's pretty much over, and then you score a TD, but it still looks hopeless.

Why no just go for the 2 point convert? you have nothing to lose, and everything to gian if it's sucessful, so why not just give you recevier and runner the experience and just go for it with the 2 point convert?

I agree. I'm not sure if this is true for all CFL teams, but I know that some offensive co-ordinators have a chart with scores on it and they radio down to the coach if they should go for 2 or not after a TD.

Does make sense to me also guys.