2-point convert... who introduced it??

To the history buffs on this forum:

Just watched a documentary on the history of the AFL. I'm curious as to which PROFESSIONAL league first utilized the 2 point convert and when it came about in the CFL in particular?

The documentary claims that the AFL introduced the 2 point convert to pro football but as is usually the case with NFL Films, they didn't comment much on the CFL so I'm wondering if the CFL 2 pointer pre-dates the AFL 2 pointer..

I know American college football had the 2 point convert before any of the American pro leagues..

I believe the CFL adopted the two point convert in the 90's, but do not quote me on that.

I know the modern NFL revived the 2 point convert in the 90s while the CFL had already been using it. The AFL of the 60s had the 2 pointer but it disappeared after the merger.. So I'm curious when in particular the CFL introduced the 2 point convert. If it was in the 90s, I suppose the college 2 pointer just became fashionable at the pro level around the same time. If it were earlier, then it could be said that the 2 pointer was a staple in Canadian football before it was adopted down south..

CFL had it WAY before the 90’s… like WAY back…

In 1958? I could be wrong.

The 2-point convert was introduced to the CFL in 1975.


that's all interesting! I am amazed at how many rules that I'm aware of today were created so many years ago.


I always assumed this was a new rule because you never really saw it until recently. Interesting.

Great find Stats_Man :thup:

College football had 2 point converts since 1958

[url=http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,825522,00.html]http://www.time.com/time/magazine/artic ... 22,00.html[/url]

The AFL was first pro league to use rule (between 1960 to 1969) but stopped once merged with NFL

NFL used convert in exhibition games in 1968 (although oddly, it was only worth 1 point and they eliminated the "easy" extra point kick) while they were attempting to reconcile the 2 leagues rules. But this was scrapped and a real 2 point convert would not show up until decades later. But for technicalities sake both AFL & NFL did this before CFL shockingly enough

yeah, college ranks had it first, then the CFL shortly after, NFL in 94.

What is really amazing is how the CFL points have changed so much over the years from back in its rugby days in the mid 1800s. Originally a FG was 6pt, a TD was 4, 2 points for penalty kicks, single (rouge) for passing the GL. TDs later became worth 5 and eventually 6. FGs made their way down to 3, and the single attempt (convert) was added to the TD so that a "Major" was worth more than a FG.

really interesting history on it all actually. The big changes really started happening when the forward lateral became more and more predominant...evolution of a sport. There are several great books that cover it.