2 point conversion

Carter runs back a missed Field Goal for TD to make it 12 - 10 with under 3 minutes left in the game and Higgins doesn't go for the 2 point conversion. Nothing left to be said people. Incompetence is unacceptable at any level, but in the pros ? What could you be thinking ?

Higgins is brain dead. How can you go on 3rd and 4 in your own zone with 1 minute 46 seconds left ??? That's an eternity in the CFL. Even Dinwiddie knew better.

I can’t believe it either. Another lame call.

Unbelievable decisions tonite!! Why after Brink gets the ball back for a pass int. penalty on Greene does he try the bomb…the guy has no F$@%ing arm!! 3 and 4 and they don’t punt???
You know Wettenhall and Popp…you both are getting what you deserve. If theses were the Habs…the GM would have been long gone!
And to top it all off in the dying seconds of the game we see the good humor man with a smile on his face??

popp used to be visible on the sidelines…where is he now???

Howdy Doody for you!

Popp is down south scouting NFL camps.

I’m sure he is.

Danny Desriveaux had the same reaction at the viewing party. We still had a blast. Celebrating the cracking of the 10 point mark on the road. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am counting the days until Higgins leaves, but I had a hard time deciding what I wanted him to do in that scenario.

Pros: successful 2-pointer ties the game

Cons: missed 2-pointer means a Sask single means a field goal can’t win

GHT, in retrospect this is an interesting question. At the time of the decision however, the Als had visited the red zone once during the game and had accumulated 4 points of total offense: The coach has to make an educated guess at the likelihood of the offense being able to put points on the board in the next handful of minutes. He decides his team can do it, but the bottom line is that while his team takes stupid penalties and his QB keeps chugging deep balls no one can catch, the Riders wake up and pull a few stunts (long run play by Messam, QB draws, Bartel hammering his punt) to seal the game. If Higgins had anything up his sleeve to justify his call, we never saw it.

Hence a lousy call.

The decision to hang on to the ball on 3rd and 4 with 1:46 to go pisses me off more. Your defense has been great against the run (other that that one broken play where Messam was allowed to get 25 yards). Durant was struggling, on the previous punt Whyte had pinned them down at their five yard line. That's not helping your team out at all when you pull a "crazy" like that.

The whole second half was troubling. They come into the game with a Pro Set formation and Two RB and a QB who can scramble and they do quite well. In fact had Whyte done his job and Whitaker not fumbled on the 8 yard line. The Als would have taken control of that game. The second half they revert back to the same BS game plan they failed with all season long. That is inexpicable to me.

As for Green, very troubling that he would put himself ahead of his teammates like that. They say games come down to a handful of plays...
1- Whyte's missed 43 yard field goal.
2- Whitaker's fumble.
3- Green's UR penalty.
4- Higgins play calling on 3rd down.

No matter how I wrangle it I cannot come up with a reason to not go with a 2 pointer.

And I have no idea why they would go way from the 2 back set and basically veer away from what was working.

The opening quarter was really refreshing. But Brink certainly is not a pro QB.

Shocks me no end that with all these changes that the GM would not be at this game to see the pulse of the team. A new QB, two new coaching changes, new strategies. I do not accept that personally scouting at this time, at this juncture, is a legitimate function of a true GM. To not take a flight to get to this game is inexcusable in my mind. He's behaving like a $500,000 scout. Talk about working remotely.

You can make a case both ways. This team needs fresh players every year. Its his main job to bring in talent. Also he has plenty of "friends" at the game who can report back or answer questions. He also likely watched the game on television. Had he showed up for the game, there would likely be speculation that the HC is about to be replaced. After all its not his hire and he's stated that Wetenhall hires and fires the Head Coach. Personally I don't think him being there would have been helpful.

Higgins basically said after the game that unless it was the last play of the game and they had no choice, he would always take the 1 pt convert. It drives me nuts but in the current context, with this offense, I might do it too.
As mentioned by H, going for it on 3rd & 4 with that much time left is the one I have the problem with.

But those calls didn't decide the outcome, Green's penalty, Wit's fumble, Brink's lame duck, every time we were on the verge of making something good happen.. we took it away from ourselves.

But even all that doesn't matter, finding the right QB does.. and while Brink mostly made the right reads, and used his legs effectively, he lacked accuracy all night. Always high or behind, and then the lame duck. He's not the answer, please try someone else.

I could be wrong, but during the past 17 or 18 years I don't recall Jim Popp being on the sidelines when the Als played on the road,for regular games. At this time of the year he has always been in the US looking/evaluating potential talent. It is now more important to evaluate potential talent than be on the sidelines. There are enough coaches. You don't have to be there to realize was is missing.

I had no problems for not going for the 2 point convert; I was more surprised when they went for first down,in their territory,4 yards to go and 1:46 remaining. This being said, this is not the reasons why the lost. The number 1 reason starts with the QB.


All of the above plus the fact he did not go for the 2 pts if you ask me. Offense has struggled all year to even get within the Red Zone. You need to punch it in for 2pts to tie the game. If you don’t make it, you still need the FG to tie anyway.
To me Howdy Doody and Dimwitt have no clue how to manage a game. Absolutely none.

Your correct and this team has big needs. Carter will be gone next season. Green is an enigma. He's tired of the circus and it got worse when his bff JR made the mistake of asking for his release. Personally I would offer him to Toronto for Trevor Harris or to BC for Glenn if Lulay is ready to go before our season is in the toilet. Also we need talent on the defensive line. Bowman needs help and the inside of the line can't get a push to save their lives most nights. Our defensive backfield is aging rapidly... Lots of work for Popp without getting involved in game day.

Agree with you on this point.

Do not agree with you on the 1pt convert. Offense has struggled all season to even get close to the Red Zone.
You’re there and 2 pts ties it up. One point you still need to get another point to tie.
If you miss the 2 pts, you need a FG to win at that point.
Howdy Doody should have gone for it.

Agree on the first down try with 1:46 left. No way Howdy Doody should be going for it at that point at mid field.

Yes Brink as the QB did not shine. But once again nor did the OC Dimwiddie in his play calling. Stand in the pocket and try to connect on 20+ yards down field. Not very difficult for the Riders (or any other opposition’s D) to defend.
Dinwiddie is not an OC has no idea idea how to call a game. Same play calling all season long.

As many of us have mentioned, Popp should be down south scouting new talent. NFL cuts are underway. Now is the time for him to be there, not up in Regina or Winnipeg.
This season is more or less a lost cause. Need to be building for next season at this point.

Higgins is not his hiring, nor Dinwiddie. Let them sink on their own.

The points you raise are exactly why I was uncertain; and never really fell solidly on either side of the fence. I also considered that the offence had been terrible in the second half. having gained all of about 15 yards (excluding penalties) in the first 12 minutes of the 4th quarter. There was probably a better chance of the defence forcing a turnover close enough for a field goal than the offence driving for even a chance at a single (which is a problem unto itself).