2 point conversion

What happened on that two point conversion (When Burris took the delay of game penalty). Was the crowd really that loud that they had trouble communicating?

........I don't think it was the crowd, although I was at the other end of the stadium.......it looked from my pov that they didn't have the right personel on the field for the pre-called play and then lost time deciding whether they should change the play or the players......the crowd was pretty high after getting the TD so maybe it was noise.......

I was at the north end. Crowd noise should not have been a prob. its been alot more noisey than that. ITS ALL ABOUT THE 3 POINT!!!!

Stamp78, it was not about the 3 points. It was about all those balls dropped by your receivers all game long. Had they catch half of what they dropped, you would have win even without the field goal you wanted.

And anyways, Burris failed lamentably on that two-points tryout. He did not even let the ball go. I understand he was under pressure, but he should have thrown the ball anyways. You can't lose possesion on a convert, so just throw the damn ball. If you are lucky, one of your guys will catch it. If not, at least you tried. A sack is a garanteed 0 point.

....agreed......although Burris did say in the post game interview that he could hear footsteps behind him he thought he had more time to unload the pass......

If I were a Calgary fan, I'd be more upset with Burris fumbling the ball in the first half which helped the Esks get a fairly big lead by halftime.