2 players released

AM900 has announced that Timmy Chang and O'Neil Wilson have been released.

Oh gosh, I just stole Ken Peter's headline.

CHML is reporting the Cats released Timmy Chang.

Good luck. Expect to still see you on the field Monday, only wearing double blue.

this is what i was dreading. Timmy Chang will get picked up, and he will one day be a great QB in this league, mark my words.

you don't become the all-time leading NCAA passer by a fluke, the guy has talent.

im glad O'Neil Wilson has been cut though lol.

Bishop was runner up I believe for the Heisman trophy. Nothing in college or in hockey's sake junior means you'll be good in the pros, guaranteed that is. And sometimes not because you can't throw the ball 80 yards between two pipes 6 inches apart, more to it than that especially up in the head and what you're about as a pro.

Team is doing him a favour. Was never going to get any playing time anyway.

He had a chance to unseat Williams for the #2 spot and flunked the audition.

Wow, once a media darling , "real deal" and everyone's future dynasty builder if only briefly. How time flies.

hmmmm I wonder if we might be thinking about Crandell???

Maybe I should get your definition of great, so I know what you are expecting from Timmy "one day". This way I will have a way of "marking your words"

He was put on waivers last Monday, perhaps earlier. I thought that he was good as gone then, and certainly not newsworthy.

not even a wiff. Unless 1 of our three QB's gets injured and is out for an extended period of time.


Crandell had his chance in Hamilton. It didn`t work out. I do wish him the best. He played pretty good for the Riders.

They Kept the best 3 QB..

  1. Printers
  2. Willams
  3. Porter

Glad Willson is gone.



Hey... now that Chang has been released we should bring him to Hamilton!

(Oh... do I really hate myself now. :slight_smile: )

If he does become great, more power to him. But his role here was clear. He wasn’t going to play. We’ve got a couple of pretty good qb’s who are still both young in Printers and Williams, so I’m not worried. I don’t think he’s going to come back to bite us if he does an Anthony Calvillo. When we released him, 10 years later we’re hearing we should’ve kept Calvillo, but we had Danny Mac and that’s why he was released. If Chang fulfills the promise many thought he had then good for him. But we can’t hang onto practice squad players and every player with potential for years, hoping that they pay off one day. It’s clear that he wasn’t a fit here.

Marcus Crandell was in Hamilton???
Do you mean Marcus Brady??


Your right, my bad.

For some reason. I thought he may have briefly tried to make the team a few years ago and didn`t cut it. I must have been thinking of someone else.

Anyway, I really couldnt see him even taking over Porters # 3 spot.

crandell has won cup for calg in 01, brings experience but we don't need him here, plus porter is a keeper for now.

starter (a successful one), near the top of the league in most passing stats.

im not saying he will be a hall of famer.


Any bets he will show up in BC?