2 players eligible for upcoming draft failed drug test

After the UBC season ended, Lee and Katsantonis began training regimens for the CFL combine and respective pro days. Sources say both began taking an over the counter product that was touted to improve supplement absorption and assumed that over the counter supplements did not have any illegal substances.The over the counter absorption supplement contained a propriety blend with a growth factor and subsequentlythe pair tested positive for SARM LGD 4033, an anabolic agent.

If that report is true and they truly are unwitting victims of a specious supplement, I feel sorry for them. I hope they can get over this and get fair shot at the draft next year.

I wish they would have named the product.

its like catching dolphins with tuna

This is such a problem in North America with over-the-counter supplements. There’s no way to know exactly everything in them.

And this is a common and easy rookie mistake on the part of prospects.

I hope the CFL gives them a second chance and we move on, for it’s not like they had intent to take a banned substance.

Alternatively beyond this forum, there ought be reforms for the supplement industry to at least have to disclose prominently and separately the presence of all stimulants and/or steroidal agents.

Such reforms would reduce greatly this sort of common rookie mistake when no intent to take a banned substance is at hand.

Yeah OTCs can be a problem. Even sudafeds can make you pee dirty.

Guess I’m the old Fuddy Duddy here, but the solution seems simple to me:

Ban ALL supplements. ALL. It would be hard to test for everything, but a lot less complicated than the current and confusing system of trying to parse what is and what is not permitted.

Or, ban NONE of them. Whoever does the best job with their chemistry (and survives) wins.

It all comes down to the basic question: what are we trying to stop here? If the answer is (as it once was) to stop athletes from gaining an artificial edge, then ban them all. Otherwise, it’s just a game of “can I cheat with this one, but not cheat with that one.”

As for the two athletes in question…sorry, I am all out of sympathy. If they got jacked because they consumed a particularly large batch of Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches laced with kale, I’d feel for them. But tinkering with different combinations of chemicals in hopes of finding the right formula without setting off the P alarms? Nope. Rolled the dice, lost, pay the lady on the way out.

That is pretty unrealistic with the modern athlete.

The solution is simple. Know what you are putting into your body if your likelihood is dependant on it. I mean, this was over the counter. That is a big fat red flag that it is going to need some investigating.