2 or 3 yards offside?

There has been at least 4 comments that a Mtl receiver was offside on their game winning TD last night

I say really? Where?

Note the TSN score board. 4th quarter 3 and 3 1 minute 25 on the clock

In this shot you can see the ball has not been snapped and no-one is offside

In this shot the ball has been snapped, still no-one offside

I have been saying for years that the shotgun formation is deceiving. By the time your eye picks up the ball a receiver can appear to be offside when he is not. 2 or 3 yards however.....

Nice work, ro.

Try counting the number of Als seen in those two images - there are only 11. The receiver who was way offside cannot be seen in the pictures because he was between the hashmark and the sidelines.


And you saw this make believe offside how?

People who were at the game saw the offside. The radio announcers calling the game saw it (and please don't say they are homer announcers - Bob Irving is not a homer).

and people who were not at the game called it as well. What does that tell you?

The refs didnt call it.

My still shows no-one off side.

Believe what you want.

Im done

....good work blueblood......i would tend to believe a first hand account.....especially that of Bob Irving....so take it from there....The als were off-side...Of course that was just one of the bad calls that this game had....take your pick...I would have to say the als were gifted :wink:

haha! There are only 11 players.

Do you have anything of value to add Chief?

People who watched the game on TV claimed there was an Als player offside

None of the players in that shot from TSN shows an Als player off side!

You can claim all you want that this person says they saw this and that person says they saw that......its meaningless

None of the players in that shot shows an Als player offside!

I knew you werent done :wink:

He never is.

None of the players in that image are offside, but that image only shows 11 players! So it proves absolutely nothing. :wink:

Are you looking to make this personal?

How can anyone caim that the Als were offside when they watched the game on TV?

surely, as gifted as you are, you can find that 12th man and show us that he is also onside. I am rooting for you.

I dont have to.

I proved that the shot on TV showed no-one off side

Its up to the sore losers to prove there was someone offside.

you have proved nothing if you only show 11 men. Who knows where the hell the 12th man is.

You are only showing one view from one angle. What about replays from other cameras?

p.s. glad to see you posting again. Hope this means that other issue is settled.

I will ask again.

How do you claim that the Als were offside when you watched the game on tv and it shows no-one offside?

Its a very simple question and everyone is ignoring it.

You constantly defend the refs and here is proof that the refs were not wrong. Rather than back me up, you want more proof from me rather than from the sore losing ref bashers

I wont be posting because this place will never change.

RO, I am only debating with you because I miss doing so. I dont even remember the play in question, I just question that your pics prove anything either way. Personally, I hope you are right.

You're making an assumption that all of the people who have commented watched it on TV. I wasn't at the game but I trust Bob Irving's play calling because he tells it like it is whether it's good or bad. He wouldn't have said it was offside if it wasn't.

As well, people who were at the game have said it was offside.

sure he would. he can be wrong too, you know.

and the ref would have called it if he was

Did you even read my explaination? Or is it just easier to blame the refs for something you didnt see?