2 or 3 New Practise Roster Teams?

I would like to see 2 or 3 Practise roster/development teams in the CFL. Teams hide the players under Injury Reserve every year. Just not enough on a roster after mid season. Last year some teams had as many as 25 on the I.R. The proposal or idea of development teams consists of 5 players from each club made up of rookies, 1st or 2nd year players. Coaches would send promising players to the development team instead of cutting them. The teams would practise just as the big clubs would, coached just like a CFL team. Called up at any time. Traded among clubs if a need arrises. They could play each other throughout the year or against a CFL team in the preseason. No formal schedule. Tryout rule changes at this level. Use as officials training. Each player would be under contract to one of the major clubs. After 2 years, if no contract then the player would become an UFA. I think it would help in development and with team injuries. It would be another source of player beyond NCAA or CIS. These teams could also be the basis for an expansion club. Like I said the players seem to be there already. Could be located in the US or Q.C./Halifax to promote interest? It would also allow additional time to for some players to develop or recoup from injury. Older players could go there to start their coaching careers as player/coaches. We have probably cut loose players who could of become a starter somewhere in the CFL, they just were not ready. Just an idea, don't know if this would be a benefit or not. Seems like it would. Might help to stop the quota once there is good players everywhere and plenty of CFL ready Canadians

I think it would be a benefit, but I don't know if the financials would justify it, as I suspect these developmental teams would generate next to zero revenue themselves.

It might be more feasible for the league to increase its relationship with the CJFL, or to use its influence and resources to help more CIS schools establish football programs and to get Canadian colleges to start playing football. If we could get even 25% of the CCAA playing football, that'd greatly increase the number of players getting post-high school development for the CFL to consider.

I'm sure that there are 9 teams who would love to make that happen but can't possibly afford it. Where would these teams play and who would buy tickets to see them? They would certainly lose money hand over fist. Other than that I do agree that it's a fantastic idea.

I was thinking that the player salaries are already covered on the I.R. list so that the contract part would already be covered. It would cost the clubs some money but I think it takes the league up a notch. All the other leagues seem to have this type of arrangement in place.

I don't believe that the NFL does. At least not since the demise of NFLE. If they do please link me. I don;t think the NBA does either. Could be wrong.

NBA has the "D" league.

Huge costs to operate a CFL team. It's the only team sport that has one coach for every player on the field!!
Yes, 12 players on a CFL field and 12 coaches!! and only 9 games to generate revenue.
The only team sport that has up to 80 players on rosters just to maintain 12 players!!!

We are lucky in this day and age to have a league that operates with 9 teams and without a rich TV contract.
Expanding practice rosters just doesn't make sense. How about reducing rosters and coaches?

I believe last year they announced they have increased support to the JR teams at least Hamilton did as far as I know .

Probably the already existing junior football clubs could get more funding for equipment and travel with exclusive rights to the sponsored team who sign contracts to the existing club like the old NHL agreement with the juniors only with an increased age limit so they can be called up to the club via practice roster or game roster . Definitely would help with increased Canadian supply of players at a fraction of the cost . Harris in BC was a junior player who exemplifies the ability to play at the pro level . I know a few Ottawa Rough Riders played pro thru the Ottawa Sooners . Darren Joseph was one I can think off hand who played extremely well with the Riders on special teams and running back .

Reading up on Harris . He actually attended the Lions Camp at age 19 ; so if the CFL could fine tune this arrangement with the Junior ranks it could lead to some great returns in years to come in creating a deeper Canadian talent pool .

Create a little hype and get a corporate sponsor and televise the Canadian Championship nationwide . A little more Canadian content for somebody .

With that you could only make 1 team

yes you are right but 5 players X 2 or 3 teams. It would be 10 or 15 players from each team depending on how many teams there are

I have to give you credit it was an excellent effort but can use some heavy fine tuning.

not 100% sure but FB rick black, SB Terry wellsley(sp), DBs peter crepin and peter stenerson plus several OLinemen and DLinemen.