2 of 3 players fined this week are TiCats

TORONTO —The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced three fines after Week 5 action on Wednesday.
Toronto Argonauts defensive lineman Cleyon Laing was fined for a high hit on Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Matt Nichols.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Brandon Banks was fined for making unnecessary contact on an on-field official in Saturday’s game versus Calgary.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive back Delvin Breaux was fined for making unnecessary contact out of bounds on Calgary Stampeders running back Ka’Deem Carey.
As per league policy, the amounts of the player fines were not disclosed.

No suspension for this hit on a QB or the head slap on Banks TD
Do you think there are some shenanigans going on?

Check out the footage of what caused Speedy to be fined. It’s a total joke.

Ticats’ Brandon Banks named CFL Top Performer of the Week

Only the CFL would fine a player for abusing a referee and at the same time name that player as “Top Performer of the Week”.

It doesn’t surprise me with Ambrosie in charge . The guy doesn’t seem to know his arse from a hole in the ground . The faster and sooner that the league gets rid of this incompetent bumbling fool the better off it will be .

Speedy as you can imagine is not too happy with this and is rightfully so calling Ambrosie out on his incompetence and his BS .


Watch the film above…

The "Official " is cutting Brandon Banks off presumably stepping on Brandons toe , Speedy puts his arm out to fend off the Zebra …

Yeah, I’d say the official initiated contact, and then is the one who threw the flag. Keeping Speedy humble I guess? Don’t remember the penalty being announced, but Rod Black was talking about it later during the telecast. I wonder if the fine was as much as Rose’s shove, if so, the league owes Speedy more contact time? :wink:

They never did explain the situation that had ole whiner Dickenson upset on the off-setting penalties that cost Breaux his fine.

Ticat ownership needs to get involved with this. They need to step up for their MVP and get after the league for this BS. Come on Bob…do something to defend your players from this systemic abuse of power by Ambrosie.


Breaux sent his man headfirst into the sideline advertising after they were both out of bounds. Even if the other guy has his hand in Breaux’s face (the apparent reason for the off-setting call), what Breaux did was more reckless/dangerous and deserved supplemental discipline.

Dickenson was upset becuse Breauxs penalty came after yards gained. So it should have offset from the end of the play, not a replay of the down after offsetting penalties.

Not sure who is correct.

Agree on Breaux’s penalty, thought it was foolish and selfish. Actually I think the Stamp RB had face-masked Leonard, not Breaux, and drawn a flag, then Breaux shoved him after he had clearly gone out-of-bounds. Drew the UR flag.

The two calls were deemed off setting and the down repeated from the original line of scrimmage. Dickenson wanted the yardage gained to be applied, arguing the penalties had occurred after the yardage had been gained. I think that is why he threw the challenge flag after the subsequent play, to jaw at the head official.

Black said they “would get back to us? with a clarification of the rule, but never did.

Black was too busy telling everybody that Luke Tasker is the son of former NFL player Steve Tasker.

The same Steve Tasker who was a special teams ace with the NFL’s Buffalo Bills?

I am little confused about the Speedy situation…so let me get this straight…

Refree stepped on Speedy’s foot, then speedy nudges the ref to get off his foot and its Speedy who gets the flag and the fine???

Sounds like you nailed it 150Gage. And the ref who stepped on him was the ref who flagged him. :slight_smile:

Now you’re being cruel. He was actually lauding Tre Robson, who when not busy walking on water, is the grandson of Larry Highbaugh.

Look on the bright side, we are the stars of TSN,

First we have Simone on the cover as having his 2 game suspension upheld…

Then we have Speedy’s pic being fined for moving a ref out of the way

Finally, small mention of Bereaux’s situation.

We would not get this much coverage from TSN if we won the Grey Cup…

They prefer to give Riders, Argos more coverage…too bad they both stink this year…so they are stuck with the likes of us.

I guess they can’t fine anyone from Hamilton lol

The Banks play is odd. Can’t see a ref throwing a flag for getting contacted in that manor unless there was some verbal abuse along with it.

But the fine was for contact and there is more contact in a checkout at Costco then on that play.


Maybe Banks kindly told him to “GET OFF OF MY #$%@&ing FOOT” !!! :slight_smile: