2 obvious problems with the Lions

Two things that the Lions must do.
Find a kicker for kick offs who can get some hang time on the ball. Line drive kicks to the 20 won't cut it.
Find an OF coach who can find away to score inside the five yard line.
"OK we will pile up our all our guys on line. They will pile up all their guys on their line. Then we get the wee little guy to push through the pile. Oh it didn't work the first 8 times we tried it so lets try it again."
PSST in the NFL they use the fake run and pass more times than the run when they are inside the 5 yard line.. Everhear of it?

I live and die with the Lions. I will try to "get a life".

PS I'm the guy that dropped off the NFL Berman game tape about the BC LIons.

agree 100%


How true!!!!!

Well put.