2 New WR's Signed

According to TSN, http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/feature/?id=11505

Wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe and quarterback/wide receiver Lorne Sam have been signed to the practice roster. - News Release

Blue Bombers receiver Arjei Franklin out for Winnipeg's Week 3 encounter with the Tiger-Cats with an ankle injury that will cost him 6-8 weeks. Linebacker Siddeeq Shabazz should play while LB Joe Lobendahn remains questionable. Both DT Doug Brown and DE Riall Johnson are close to returning to practice. - Winnipeg Free Press

...Doug and Riall are back?????......hmmmmmmm that ain't good news for the Cats.... :rockin: :lol:

...I didn't know Sam played qb.....must give him some pretty good in-sight as a receiver... :wink:

That first guy's name (at least the first 4 letters of it) pretty much sum up these two signings.

And The Ticat O-Line will have no problem with Doug "cold shower at Ivor Wynne" Brown and Riall "I guess playing in Winnipeg is better than flipping burgers" Johnson.

Boy I bet the fellows playing on the o-line for Hamilton wish they were as confident as you, or had a good reason to be. Methinks that Gauthier and Goodspeed saw enough of Brown in Winnipeg to know they'll need to be on top of their game to handle him and the rest of the D that Winnipeg has.

I'd love to hear what these guys will be saying to each other LOL!

Goodspeed and Gauthier won't even be blocking Brown, unless he's suddenly switched to End. it will be the interior of the O-line (Dyakowski, Hage, Hudson) that will be handling Doug Brown.

it's going to be tough, Doug Brown is one hell of a player, and i'd love to have him that guy on my team, but those 3 interior guys did a pretty good job on Aaron Hunt last week.

should be a nice little battle down there in the trenches :thup:

With Brown and Williams playing together (hopefully) there is no way just those three interior linemen will be able to handle them. Although with Perry and Walls how will they block them all?

your making it sound like we need 8 O-lineman lined up at once.

…Riall Johnson had a very good t.c. and actually put a lot of pressure on the qb…he stood out admirably…and the only thing he’ll be flippin is the Cats o lineman on his way to the qb. …good luck handling him…The double teaming of Doug (always happens no matter who we play) should create some havoc in the hammers back-field…this should get interesting with Walls and Perry as added ‘sack-masters’…Porter better be at his mobile best :lol:

Hasn't you oline given up 9 sacks in two games? Sounds like they're playing really well.

You know that is exactly the point. I'm not sure why we cannot have an honest discussion with some of these Ticat fans. Does anyone really believe they (the Ticat players and coaches) are not worried about all that talent coming at them? Of course they are. After their first game they were all screaming that they had to get rid of Marwin Hage and now he's suddenly capable of handling Doug Brown AND Tyrone Williams? I wish some of these posters were a little more honest and we could talk about strengths and weaknesses and not just empty bluster.

You're right. The Bombers are an all star team at every position.

Dudes, I know you like cheering for your club, but get real. Winnipeg is rebuilding just like Hamilton. You have a few good players, but also a lot of question marks. Beat a good team and get back to me.

...I think we just beat the Grey Cup champs of 08 on our last outing.....does that qualify??????do you even follow this league ....two and out... :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Stamps clearly aren't the same team this year. Do you actually think they played well the first two games of 2009? Don't good teams explode instead of implode?

Show me the quote where somebody said " the Bombers have allstars at every position " ??????????

Facts Bombers hosted a play off game last year, won the East the year before. The Ti cats have the worst record in the last 20 years in this league, missed the playoffs the last 5 years, have been a total embarrassment . We retooled , your rebuilding, again ! Here is Hamilton's record compared to ours since in 1990.

Wpg. 171 WINS 169 LOSSES 2 TIES 1 CUP

HAM 123 WINS 217 LOSSES 2 TIES 1 CUP. Your 94 games below 500 !

See what I mean guys? I rest my case. This guy is an idiot.

What about B.C. ? Same record as Calgary and your not saying anything about B.C not being the same team as last year.
Once again Facts
CALGARY ARE THE CHAMPS, WINNIPEG BEAT THE CHAMPS ! Don't make excuses,I know it's the ti cat way, but your in the Bomber forum.

It's a pretty scary thought if it actually works out like Kelly is expecting. Brown & Williams, will for sure absorb the interior of the line leaving our rush end Perry/Johnson one on one with the tackle. Now throw in the odd LB or HB blitz and look out. I already like the way our defense is playing, the thought of only scratching the surface with it so far is pretty exciting if your a Bomber.

im not sure how sam will work out but thorpe caught my attention awhile ago, people have been bashing him saying that in three nfl seasons he's but cut by so many teams but if you look at his history after he was cut he was always picked up quickly after, meaning teams must have seen something in this guy, he is most likely tired of being a pr guy in the nfl and wants to play football, from clips ive seen he definately has the speed and skill set to be a solid reviever in this league!