2 New LB's

Riders have added 2 new LBs, one being an ex-bomber, who will drastically improve out MLB position, Joe Lobendahn, and the other being an ex Als player in Diamond Ferri, who I think is likely taking Kromah`s spot. We have released Hill to make room for this.

This must mean that Neufeld is back at RT, and Shomari is out at MLB, and possibly leaving room for Butler to start. I think Lobo will likely play most running downs, and look for someone like Shomari or Hurl to come in on passing downs. Lobo doesnt have the speed to blitz or cover, but is an unreal run stopper who can hit hard and is normally a sure tackler. These last things are just what I think should happen, the top is all read from Twitter, so take it for what its worth before it`s official.

Lobo has to pass his physical, which should not be a problem as he pass it at the Stamps training camp.

Ferri, coming hmmm. Was a very good player, not sure what shape he's in though.

Ferri really intrigued me as well. i just remember him being a pest to play against. And those are the kind of guys I want on my team. I think these two guys will bring some attitude to the D, give them some toughness. Im being optimistic that he stayed in good shape, but I really dont expect him to start in the LD game. I expect they move Shomari to the outside, and rotate Hurl in there as well. So for LB at the LD game I`m expecting Shomari/Hurl, Lobo, Brackenridge. Don't think Stone has what it takes to be in there every down, and he wasn't effective stopping the run, but then again most of our front 7 wasn't.

Not sure how I feel about the signings.. What does make me happy is that Ephraim Hill is not longer a Rider :slight_smile: Last year he looked pretty good at times.. I actually remember sitting and watching my brother play soccer last year and there was this group of people behind me talking about how Ephraim Hill was so good and how he was likely gonna take Dresslers spots.. At that moment I lost a lot of faith in humanity lol.

This year his route running has been horrible he was dropping a lot. I was unimpressed with him at training camp and I have been even less impressed with him since the season started.