2 More Signings

April 22, 2010

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have added import defensive back Donald Brown Jr. and non-import offensive lineman Chris Kowalczuk to their roster.

Brown Jr. (5-10, 185, Wingate, DOB: July 8, 1985 in Morganton, North Carolina) appeared in one game with the B.C. Lions in 2008, notching one tackle, but was released during last season’s training camp. Donald played his collegiate football at Wingate, where he was a two-time All-Conference selection as a cornerback and an All-Conference selection as return specialist. Brown Jr. was recently named to Wingate’s All-Decade Team as a defensive back and holds the Wingate record with four punt returns for touchdowns, while finishing fourth all-time with nine interceptions. He led the SAC in punt return average during senior year with 10.1 and also recorded 12 pass knockdowns and two interceptions in his final year at Wingate.

Kowalczuk (6-5, 295, Toronto, DOB: January 17, 1985 in Brampton, Ontario) spent the final two weeks of the 2009 season on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats practice roster after signing on October 28. Kowalczuk played four seasons (2006-09) at the University of Toronto as a guard and tackle and started 24 straight games from 2007-2009.

The olineman is a nice size and the passport is right.

The DB looks like he could be another return man ?

i hate the term training camp fodder...., buttt this to me doesnt look like much more than that...
the olineman is a good addition, you can never have enough canadian depth at the position imo... starter tho.. doubt it

and the db... out of football for a year, after being cut by the lions? with all of the signings weve been making lately this one doesnt seem to fit the style that mack has been taking so far... maybe wanted for special teams skills? if anyone knows more about him ? nothing about him makes me think he will push for a position... but who knows

i dunno, lots of players have been released from teams only to go onto have careers with other teams. cant really say too much about the defensive guys until we sorta kinda find out what type of d we plan on running… we could also still get hefney back (possible but unlikely). and the nfl draft is ending this weekend so id suspect a few weeks after that and we see some defensive back signings and even more player signings.

never hurts to bring in an olineman with a canadian passport.

and never hurts to bring in a db who sorta kinda already has some knowledge of the cfl (eventho he was cut the previous year)

but yeah knowing what type of d lapo and reed and the coaches plan on running would probably lessen our worries.

They obviously have a plan and are targeting players who they feel can come in and play and push for a spot.

ITS +20 out but yup, lol its only april. (near the end but still only april)( still have a month and abit of time b4 camp begins)

very true... we dont know what type of guys they are looking for or what system theyl use...

i think my biggest concern is more potential cuts of experienced guys already of the roster... cause i may be wrong but i think we only have like 6 or 7 spots left of the roster dont we? and with guys that are passed over in the nfl draft still looming, nfl cuts looming, and the canadian draft still to come, there will be lots of interesting guys to look at.. which is why a guy after being cut a yeaqr ago was brought in,,, thats all... i def wont write him off tho

as our roster stands right now, were prob due for 3-4 more dbs to brought in... prob another lb or 2, plus any other guys that are too good to pass up on, and potential draft picks, wel be right at that roster limit,

cant wait for tc.. as if its still only april :expressionless:

well lefors is pretty done, and if u find players who are better after the nfl draft theres no harm in releasing guys like jules or d brown jr or maybe someone even less likely to make the team like an olineman or wide receiver.

probably about 8 more guys not including draft picks to be brought in.. 8-10 probaby still.

hopefully a linebacker or 2, a defensive back or 4 and maybe a couple kickers and punters just to push serna and renaud but everywhere else we look allright i suppose.

defensive back and linebacker tho are most concering areas right now.

one thing that hasnt really been talked about..

i wonder if they will bring in a bigger bulkier running back to fill the fb position.. oosterhouse (sorry for wrong spelling) just doesnt cut it in my opinion... to slow, unreliable hands... itd be nice to have a big guy that can run at our disposal, he may not be a big part of the offense, but would help in big blocking packages and in short yardage

I was thinking along the same lines towel, we are light in the nonimport RB/FB position.

I predicted the Bombers would go for another PK and RB/FB with their first two picks in the draft.

Also, the TC roster is 68 players, we are sitting around 64 once the league approves a couple more contracts.

That will leave 4 spots for more signings, looks like Mack may be waiting till the next try out camp or for some guys to fall off NFL rosters now that the draft is complete.

I'd rather Daryl Stephenson be given a shot than drafting a FB. He's the same size as Oosterhuis and is a former Hec Crighton Award winner. I'd like to see what he can do.

I think Stephenson could turn out to be a good one too, but we have nothing behind him, I'd like to see 2 genuine nonimport FB/RB on the roster.

why though? In this league we don't need fullbacks

i would be fine with stephenson, if i could see him... after being so highly touted when coming to the bb, hes barely touched the turf... he must not have overly impressed any coaches... otherwise fred reid wouldnt be trying to run through the hog line to get the first down on 2nd/3rd and short...

Don't need them or don't use them properly ?

McCarty in Edmonton is a prime example, the guy can block, run and catch. You can line him up at either FB, RB or TE. They are just so versatile and you gotta have 2 in case one goes down.

I agree 100% Towelie, ooster is not a great Running back and misses alot of important blocks, personally i would like to see Stephenson play the FB position. Stephenson is much younger and has the size and he looked great in last years training camp when he was doing the blocking schemes, I still think Stephenson will be a darn good player, especially if they use him as a FB.

as i mentioned earlier... i have a weird feeling there is a reason we havent seen stephenson used more...

but i would love to see him utilized... or someone

I once again agree with you about Stephenson, he has the size and speed and is a solid tackler.

I have a feeling the Bombers will let go of Oosterhuis this season unless he is kept for special teams and here is why:

Oosterhuis - never impressed me one bit, he is 33 Years old, also he has trouble finding the holes when he runs the ball
Oosterhuis and Stephenson are abot the same size.

Stephenson - made some great plays last year and on special teams, he is much younger than Oosterhuis with Oosterhuis being 33 Yrs Old and Stephenson is only 25 Yrs Old - Oosterhuis is 6'4 245 LBS and Stephenson is 6'2, 242 LBS.

but with a new coaching staff who knows who they will use this year, different players may play roles that we havent predicted yet... but i agree blue, i think stevenson is a big upgrade at that position and is much younger... would love to see what he can do

.....Yes ...me too.....I'd like to see some of these big guys ,we have now ,'lay the body' on opposition players....wear out their 'd'....This is going to be a whole new look in 2010.... and I've got a hunch it's going to be very successful... :wink: :rockin:

agreed, our oline looks like it is going to be filled with monsters... could have a real strong run game, and with buck pierce throwing to some talented recievers... i like the sound of it :rockin: