2 Labour Days in 24 hours.

Welp ... We did it. 2 labour Day Classic games in 24 hours.

Friday - Leaving at 5pm from Calgary on Friday, we made it to Regina in good time, and arrived at 11:05. Exactly 6hrs and 5 minutes travel time. Pretty good concidering we stopped 3 times. Cruised around 140ish 90% of the way. Friday became a mess as we drank in our hotel rooms untill 5 ... rough day.

Saturday - all day drunken debauchery. Attending new yorks or something ... meh - its a club .. but drinks were 2.50 ... couldn't go wrong.

Sunday - tailgate and game ... great game .. happy for stegall (questionable call on the TD/Interception however ... i'll have to see the replay) ... and more drunken debauchery and then attended some pub ... ohannigans or something ? not bad... pretty drunk tho. dont remember a whole lot.

Monday Morning. 6:00am we were on the highway back to Calgary ... made really good again and got into the city for 12:10 ... 4 stops due to a miscalculation for gas ... Dropped off our crap at home ... walked to the C-train (6 blocks) ... made it JUST in time for Labour Day Kick off in Calgary ... Somehow, even managed to choke back 6 beers during the game... Good game - went home and watched toronto and Hamilton on tv ...

total exhaustion. but we made it. And thats how you do 2 labour day classics in 24 hours .... Not recomended for the weak ...


Way to go Statik!

Statik, I feel hungover just reading about it. . .

Well done!


Wait 'till there's a CFL expansion... you'll need a liver transplant.

Call me up next year, I wanna do the 2 games in 24 hours