2 labour day classics in 24hrs

Its official. We're booked. and we're doing it again ... 2 labour day classics in 24hrs.

Friday morning, drive from Calgary to Regina.
Friday afternoon/evening, give'r.
Saturday morning/afternoon/evening, give'r.
Sunday morning/afternoon, tailgate. (give'r)
Sunday 6:30, gametime #1! (give'r)
Sunday evening, celebrate another Bomber win! (give'r)
Monday 5am, drive from Regina to Calgary
Monday afternoon (hopefully around 12ish), tailgate (give'r)
Monday 1pm, gametime #2! (give'r)
Monday evening, celebrate the Bomber victory! (this may be done whilst sleeping)
Tuesday morning, back to the grind.

This feat was accomplished last year by three of us. My wife, my buddy Ben, and myself. Forewarning, this challenge is not for the faint of heart .. or liver.


good on ya! mate, have a good time.

what statik your not gonna giv'r while driving :wink:

What’s the Plan B for Sunday evening? :wink:

hey, when I move up to Manitoba, many I can join you guys eh?

Sure. Statik is saving a pull-up for that great day.

He going to need it when I put it on you when you go streaking at the Grey Cup this year! :lol:

Cuz thrust me, in front of 45,000 people, you are gonna need it! :lol:

I trust you. You’re the expert! :wink:

...3/10 thrusting KK in front of 45,000 people, this I gotta see.....wait a sec, no I don't, that's disgusting....

Maybe ro can photoshop something together to help you out, Red....

I think I may have found a potential sponsor …



....its only 30 ounces though.....that must be the 'shot' version...

Hah ..

My understanding is that this wonder-contraption may be refillable ... I love science.


edited for too much information

Nice Statik, have to admit, I am jealous of such wondrous feats!

Did you edit your own post?

....couldn't have 'editted' his own post third or else it would say so at the bottom ......this would have been his original writing or else editted by a mod or admin, and seeing how all us mods have denied editting his post, well this is interesting isn't it?.....

....this could be a candidate for cheater of the year award.....we are checking with Ron to see if he editted KKBAPPLESNAPPLE's post but if he didn't then congratulations, we have a winner....tsk tsk KK, framing the mods is bad form good fellow, bad form.....

actually if noone posts after,,, it does not say edited........


and anyone else would have just posted that and not edited it

true.....maybe he rethought his original writing in the split second after psoting....

Thrusting you infront of 45,000 people will get you arrested for lewd conduct!