2 in a row.

Now that is a good start, but now the test is coming, we pull this off and we are on the way.

Yes, three good teams in a row coming up. If we can win 2 of three, that would be great.

Not only great, but that would put the Cats in a position where they should finish higher than third place considering that SSK and TOR would be their two remaining opponents.
I took a similar view of things when there was a lot of hope in the team after they'd won 4 of 5 heading into the August bye week. To make me believe in them as serious contenders I wrote then that winning 3 of their next 5 would do it. They didn't, going L, W, L, L, W. Since, they've made it two-in-a-row now with the win over Toronto and the coach is quoted as considering them "in the mix of Grey Cup contenders!" Me? I'm not there yet, but will be, for sure, if they can accomplish that 2 of 3.

After we beat the Bummers at home we get a long week to prepare to go to Montreal and eke out a win there.
Looking at weeks 17,18 and 19.
The Als finish the season against Winnipeg,Calgary and travel to B.C. for their last game.
We finish hosting a good B.C. team,go to Sask. and finish in T.O against the Arblows (on a Thurs.?)
When we finish in first place and host the Eastern Final we will have 16 days to prepare and watch The Als and Bummers beat the crap out of each other in the Eastern Semi!!